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    coming up with fresh ideas

    Ok, so with 2 weeks to go we are coming up with some fresh ideas. Your thoughts please on;
    Daphne, Silvia/Sylvie, Marisol, Pearl, Penelope, Dorothy and Tabitha
    MN's will be Elizabeth and/or Pearl. Order doesnt matter.
    I also like Pearl for a fn.
    Thanks xx

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    I love your taste in names!



    Don't Like:

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    I like Sylvie, Marisol (nn Mari?), Pearl, Penelope, and Dorothy. Maybe you'd like Dorothea? then you have Thea as a nickname option. Dorothea Pearl nn Thea or Dora or Dottie or Dot, or Sylvia Pearl nn Sylvie. So much vintage!

    For a less 'old' sounding name, I'd like Sylvie Elizabeth or Penelope Pearl for the cute alliterative option.

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    Daphne - Really like this one. It's a very light name, though, so a grounded middle like Elizabeth works well.
    Silvia/Sylvie - Silvia is my favorite from your list; Sylvie is also lovely. I'd go with Silvia Pearl or Sylvie Elizabeth.
    Marisol - Gorgeous! Marisol Elizabeth is a striking combo.
    Pearl - Eh. Never really been into this one; the sound is kind of unattractive. Pearl Elizabeth works, though.
    Penelope - Very cute, but growing in popularity. Penelope Elizabeth sounds great.
    Dorothy and Tabitha - These have exactly the same slightly frumpy vibe to me; I don't quite like either. But Tabitha Pearl, Dorothy Pearl and Dorothy Elizabeth all flow really well.
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    Daphne, Silvia/Sylvie, Marisol, Pearl, Penelope, Dorothy and Tabitha
    MN's will be Elizabeth and/or Pearl. Order doesnt matter.

    Daphne Elizabeth Pearl - nice, but the E's bump.
    *Daphne Pearl Elizabeth. Nice name!
    Silvia Elizabeth Pearl - nice, but vowel bump. This spelling of Silvia will confuse people :/.
    Silvia Pearl Elizabeth - nice name, I maintain the spelling concern.
    Sylvie Elizabeth Pearl - nice, but vowel bump.
    *Sylvie Pearl Elizabeth - one of my favorites!
    Marisol Pearl Elizabeth - Marisol's a lovely name, but I feel like there's just a whole love of L back to back with these combos.
    Marisol Elizabeth Pearl - same.
    *Pearl Elizabeth - really like this!
    Penelope Elizabeth Pearl - PEP are cute initials. The E's bump.
    Penelope Pearl Elizabeth - cute, but PP is a bit unfortunate as initials. And I do think Penelope's going to become heavily tied to this point in time...
    Dorothy Elizabeth Pearl - nice, the E's bump though.
    *Dorothy Pearl Elizabeth - solid.
    Tabitha Elizabeth Pearl - vowel bump and a lot of bith/beth right next to each other.
    *Tabitha Pearl Elizabeth - really nice!

    So, ones with stars above get my endorsement and my favorites are Sylvie Pearl Elizabeth and Pearl Elizabeth for what that's worth.

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