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    I can't decide on names!

    I like Jemimah Fleur ( as a first and second name)
    Tabitha Freya/Mollie *

    or Lydia or Elouise

    What do people think? Any other suggestions?

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    I really like the name Tabitha! It would maybe be useful to think about nicknames for each name? For example, do you like Jem or Jemma? Tabitha might be called Tabby, though I went to school with a Tabitha who was always Tabitha. Lydia is lovely, too, and not likely to generate nicknames.

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    Tabitha and Jemima are lovely

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    I would be fine with the nickname Tabby, but for Jemimah, I was hoping her nickname would be 'Mimah' as I'm not to keen on Jemma or 'Jem'

    Sorry, I made an error previously, I meant to say Eloise.

    What do you think of Matilda or Isla?

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    Thank You!

    Do you think Jemimah goes well with Fleur?

    Which name do think goes best with Tabitha?

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