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    need twin combos please!

    My friends are having twin girls!!!
    They have two boys with names of Hebrew Biblical origins and are leaning towards feminine names for these tiny princesses.
    They both like Juliette, Ceceila

    mom likes Liliana and Annabella
    dad likes Gabriella

    What suggestions do you have?
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    Juliette and Ceceila are super cute together.
    Although, I have to say, I prefer the spelling Cecilia.

    I also like:
    Ceceila and Gabriella
    Liliana and Gabriella
    Juliette and Liliana
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    I'm partial to Gabrielle, because that's my daughter's name

    My favorite would be Gabrielle and Juliette. Gabriella and Liliana is also pretty!

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    I like Gabriella and Juliette or Liliana and Juliette

    I also like Gabriella and Liliana though not quite as muchas the pairs above.
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