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    Georgian/Victorian Name Combos+Faves!

    I think I've (finally!) determined my naming style. I seem to love anything Georgian and Victorian, so basically, names from the 1800's, especially those found in England. My favourites are;

    Rosamond Helena
    Adelaide Francisca
    Cecilia Juliet
    Clementine Emilia
    Agatha Isabel
    Amelia Margaret
    Arabella Hero
    Augusta Beatrice
    Charlotte Miranda
    Clara Rosalind
    Eleanor Rowena
    Georgiana Hermione
    Helena Charlotte
    Jemima Rosaline
    Keziah Emilia
    Louisa Eleanor
    Martha Juliet
    Matilda Eleanor
    Susannah Patience
    Florence Olivia
    Georgina Patience
    Honora Imogen/Honor Imogen
    Mabel Diana
    Iris Mariana
    Ivy Nerissa
    Sylvia Beatrice
    Tabitha Audrey
    Leah Imogen
    Cordelia Elizabeth
    Millicent Ophelia

    As you can see, I love Shakespearean middles. What do you think of these combos, and what suggestions to you have/changes would you make?

    desirae alyssa ✿ stephanie abigail ✿ melissa jayde ✿ tiffany isabella ✿ lindsey olivia ✿ heather amelia ✿ shayla lily ✿ kelly christina
    aaron jacob ✿ michael james ✿ andrew lucas ✿ jake william ✿ chandler robert ✿ adam hunter ✿ matthew parker ✿ zachary daniel

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    Loving your style!!

    These one's are my favorites

    Rosamond Helena
    Cecilia Juliet
    Clementine Emilia
    Augusta Beatrice
    Louisa Eleanor
    Honora Imogen
    Millicent Ophelia

    Some other possible combos using the names you already have up there

    Iris Ophelia
    Ivy Helena
    Eudora - Dorothea - Violetta - Odelia - Augusta - Odette - Isolde - Ondine - Leopoldine - Amaryllis - Sixtine -
    Eulalia - Aurelia - Marigold - Ariadne - Viola - Cosima - Philomena -Enid - Rosalind - Marguerite - Honore

    Averil - Caius - Casimir - Edmund - Ignatius - Benedict - Virgil - Raphael - Leopold - Clement - Caspar - Rainer - Romain - Ernest - Isidore - Wenceslaus - Balthasar - Peregrine - Gilbert - Cornelius - Augustine - Carlisle - Quentin - Severin - Castiel - Cyril

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    Oh this is a fun list.

    Rosamond Helena- Love Helena but Rosamond I prefer with a 'mund'! I find them a bit much both together; one isn't giving a lot to the other, I feel like. Rosamund Ethel, Rosamund Cleo, Rosamund Alice?

    Adelaide Francisca- Again, not a fan of the two elaborate names together. I love Adelaide. Adelaide Polly, Adelaide Faye, Adelaide Phyllis. Still the mannered style, but a little less syllable!
    Cecilia Juliet- I actually love these together. The repeated I and e vowels really tie the names together without being too repetitive phonetically. Lovely!
    Clementine Emilia- Same deal with these names. They sound right together: the European spelling of Emilia gives a little cultural kick to Clementine, but also as a slightly less unusual choice gives her a little familiarity.
    Agatha Isabel- Pretty.
    Amelia Margaret- Not a fan of this Amelia as she's just TOO popular for me. I like Margaret with a more vibrant first name, but overall prefer Marguerite.
    Arabella Hero- One of my favourite combinations here. Unexpected and striking. Also like both names individually.
    Augusta Beatrice- Like both separately, but I don't feel they tie together that well.
    Charlotte Miranda- Not a Charlotte fan personally, but I know i'm in the minority.
    Clara Rosalind- So pretty
    Eleanor Rowena- I like this combo better swapped about. Not a fan of ending on the 'a' ending, I think.
    Georgiana Hermione- Too long names put together= a little heavy for me
    Helena Charlotte- I actually like this, despite my Charlotte prejudices.
    Jemima Rosaline-Pretty. Very sing-song/soft. I think I might prefer Jemima Rosalind (despite loving Rosaline more in gen)
    Keziah Emilia- Keziah Emilie is better, in my opinion.
    Louisa Eleanor- Meh, not wowing me.
    Martha Juliet- Sweet! Good first impressions here.
    Matilda Eleanor- I have seen more exciting Matilda combinations (although I know about 5 Matilda Roses)
    Susannah Patience- Very Puritan sounding!
    Florence Olivia- To make a suggestion from the same play...Florence Viola? Florence Matilda? Maybe I'm just uninspired because I know so many siblings named these two names.
    Georgina Patience- Great. Feisty and kind of demure at the same time!
    Honora Imogen/Honor Imogen- Honor Imogene I like better for flow reasons. I just find them a little unsatisfying to say together. Honor Olivia?
    Mabel Diana-Nice (biased on the first name). I think Diana in the UK is still very Royal family homage though.
    Iris Mariana- I love Mariana. Also like these as a twosome.
    Ivy Nerissa- Nice flow. Nerissa I am less sold on.
    Sylvia Beatrice- Pretty, polite, sweet. Less sparky than some of your others.
    Tabitha Audrey- Lovely!!
    Leah Imogen- Not a Leah fan.
    Cordelia Elizabeth- Hm, despite my previous 'long name' comments, I think this one is fab.
    Millicent Ophelia- VERY heavy, but also kind of intriguing. Two names I have never seen on anyone IRL, and I'd be very excited to meet a Millicent. Milly Ophelia, yeah!

    Arabella Hero
    Cordelia Elizabeth
    Tabitha Audrey
    Martha Juliet
    Iris Marianna
    Helena Charlotte
    Clara Rosalind
    (and as a wildcard Millicent Ophelia!)
    Tobias Rowley Quentin W. (10/04/2006)
    Mabel Juniper Elsie W. (07/03/2008)
    Barnaby Ivan Fisher (02/04/2012)

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    My thoughts on the names:
    Rosamond Helena - Rosamond is a lovely classic name, very gorgeous and demure. I also love the 'Rosamond' nicknames such as Rosie, Rose, and Rosa. Helena is a lovely choice pronounced Helen-uh she works so well with Rosamond and adds a kick-ass attitude to the combination. Rosamond Helena is a brilliant name.

    Adelaide Francisca - Adelaide is a great choice, a lovely place-name. Adelaide has a lovely sound and just feels very classy. I also love the Addie nickname which is just so sweet. Francisca is also lovely but I prefer Francesca.

    Cecilia Juliet - I love Cecilia which is very sweet, effortless and has a lovely lyrical sound. Cecilia is just very poetic in sound and I also love the Cecily nickname for Cecilia as well as Lia. I also love Juliet she's pretty, has gorgeous Shakespearean connotations and just feels so romantic. But I would prefer Juliet Cecilia. Juliet Cecilia has a better flow.

    Clementine Emilia - Clementine is lovely, she feels so fresh and fruity. Clementine has a great sound and just feels so elegant. I also like the Clemmy nickname, but Clementine almost feels like she doesn't need a nickname because she has a such an easy sound and flow despite being a lengthy choice. Emilia is a refreshing name and I prefer her too Amelia which in the UK is so popular at the moment. Emilia is sweet in the middle name slot as well.

    Agatha Isabel - Agatha is okay, sometimes I like this name and sometimes I dislike it. I'm not a 100% sure on the Agatha. I find the flow of Agatha Isabel strange too.

    Amelia Margaret - I do like Amelia, she's lively and has a sweet sound. Amelia works with Margaret the combination is very fresh and easy on the eye. But I would prefer Emilia Margaret. Or even better Emilia Marguerite???

    Arabella Hero - Arabella is an elegant, demure choice. She's sweet and sophisticated, I also like that Arabella is an intriguing twist on Isabella. I also like the Ari/Bella nicknames. Hero feels very potent next to Arabella. The combination has a great flow and feels very sweet. I also like that she has this almost literacy sound.

    Augusta Beatrice - Augusta is a great name, she's fiery and has a great sound. Augusta feels exotic too which is appealing and Beatrice flows nicely with Augusta. The whole combination is great and looks intriguing.

    Charlotte Miranda - Charlotte is a lovely name, a nameberry classic, she's elegant and wholesome. I also love the Lottie nickname for Charlotte as well. Charlotte is a great choice!! Miranda is also lovely another Shakespearean name. But I'd actually prefer Miranda Charlotte. The flow is great.

    Clara Rosalind - Clara is a beautiful, wholesome name with a great jazzy sound. I adore the bluesy sound of Clara. She's refreshing and she works so well with Rosalind which is another gorgeous rose variant. I prefer Rosalind to Rosamond on the rose variant front for further reference.

    Eleanor Rowena - Eleanor is a lovely name. Strong, appealing, and effortless. I also love the range of nicknames for Eleanor such as Elle, Ella, Ellie, Lea, and potentially Laney. I'm unsure of Rowena in the middle name slot with Eleanor. Suggestion Eleanor Beatrice?

    Georgiana Hermione - Ugh I really dislike George and all his variants including Georgia, Georgina and this one. There just so harsh and unappealing. Hermione is great though. Hmm another suggestion Grace Hermione?

    Helena Charlotte - I love Helena pronounced 'helen-uh' the official pronunciation of this Greek classic. Helena Charlotte has an amazing flow and just looks so wholesome.

    Jemima Rosaline - Jemima is a great name, in my country she works, but in the USA I would be hesitate using her. Jemima still has racial slurs attached to this name, which is just awful. In fact even though it wasn't my country who had used the Jemima advert it's put me off slightly. So despite Jemima being a great name I would take that into consideration. Rosaline is lovely though.

    Keziah Emilia - Keziah is okay, despite coming from a family with a strong Jewish connection, and her having a strong meaning and being popular in the Jewish faith, Keziah isn't my thing. Also she doesn't flow with Emilia that well. Suggestion Cassia Emmeline?

    Louisa Eleanor - Louisa is a great name, she feels fresh and appealing. I also love the fruity vibe of Louisa it's just sweet. She works with Eleanor. But the flow is slightly off. Would prefer Louise Eleanor. Louise is also refreshing especially in the middle name slot.

    Martha Juliet - Martha is a great retro classic. She's wholesome and demure. I also like how Juliet sounds with Martha. The name has a brilliant sound and just feels so put together.

    Matilda Eleanor - Love Matilda. Love Eleanor. But not together. The flow is strange.

    Susannah Patience - Susannah is a lovely name, she's grown on me so much!! Susannah feels so fresh, fruity, and elegant. Susannah looks so lovely and I also love the range of nicknames for Susannah such as Suki, Susie, Anna, and Annie. I love it! Patience is not my thing if you like virtue names - unusual virtue names - I would use Verity. Susannah Verity is awesome. I also like the idea of Susannah Holiday!!

    Florence Olivia - Love Florence it's elegant, airy, and has gorgeous connotations such as the Italian city, flowers, and Florence Nightingale. Florence is just great. But I'm not that keen on the nicknames for Florence. Flo, Flossie are just big no's. Olivia is a lovely and looks great as a middle name Florence.

    Georgina Patience - Ugh dislike George names. Patience isn't my thing. Not a favourite combination.

    Honora Imogen/Honor Imogen - I prefer Honora Imogen the flow of the combination is great whereas Honor Imogen is just off key.

    Mabel Diana - To be perfectly honest I'm not a major fan of Diana. The name is pretty but not a favourite. Mabel is cute though. But would prefer Mabel to teamed with a southern belle name like Caroline.

    Iris Mariana - I love this combination. Iris is really pretty, fresh and appealing. She's elegant and lively. Mariana sounds so exotic teamed with Iris. The combination is great. Lovely choice.

    Ivy Nerissa - Ivy; a lovely retro choice. She's fresh and cute. I prefer Ivy to Iris actually!! Nerissa is just odd though. At the moment I really like the combination Ivy Juliet.

    Sylvia Beatrice - Sylvia is a lovely name, she has a very rich sound and lovely colour connotations. I prefer Silvia though. Beatrice is a lovely name, elegant, great Shakespearean connotations and looks effortless.

    Tabitha Audrey - Tabitha is a nice name but she isn't my favourite name on the list though. Despite being gorgeous there are just so many lovely names on this list which overshadow Tabitha. Audrey is a nice classic though. Feels like an all-American-girl name it's cute.

    Leah Imogen - Not a major fan of Leah but Imogen is sweet. Suggestion Luna Imogen?

    Cordelia Elizabeth - Cordelia is a lovely Shakespearean name, she's growing on me so much. I love the Cordy nickname, how elegant she is, I love Shakespeare connotations despite her character in King Lear not being the best character. Cordelia Elizabeth has a majestic flow and just is so effortless.

    Millicient Ophelia - Millicient isn't my thing, but Ophelia is cute.

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