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    Stuck with a set of siblings for a new short story.

    I would like your help to name a boy in my story who seems impossible to name. Middle names are going to be Michael Quentin, and they're practically non-negotiable, because they're family names. At the most I could swap Michael with Christopher. This character has two sisters, Evelyn and Hadley already. Hadley is two years older than him, Evelyn is the eldest and is 5 years older than him. Surname starts with S. The little brother is quiet, a bit overwhelmed by his two sisters, he has dark blonde, wavy hair, gray eyes, a smile to die for. He's the youngest and the only boy, so the whole family likes to spoil him. The parents are smitten with him, especially the dad, who has had the secret wish for a son for a long time.
    So far my strongest contenders are:

    Oliver: I can't find a good nickname for it.
    Daniel: Again, nickname troubles, apart from Danny.
    Gabriel: I'm in love with this, but I kinda dislike the nn Gabe.
    Blake: It is a strong, edgy name, who fits with his sisters' because it's unisex like Hadley and Evelyn, but I'm still not convinced about it, because Evelyn and Hadley have a more classic flair than Blake. Still, all of them have literary reminders.
    Galen: Too soft? It definitely fits with the boy's personality and Quentin might make up for the lack of spunk.

    In addition:
    Bailey: Very girly these days, and I wanted the little guy to have a masculine name. It fits with the whole gender neutral thing I have apparently made up.
    Samuel (Sam). Clashes with a S surname, most likely.
    Rylan: There's a song I love with this, but I can't get over the fact that it seems like a misspell of Ryan.
    Lyle: Love it, but more for a middle and the guy has enough of middles already. Kinda soft and very close to Lily.

    If you can find anything that could go well with these, maybe in the top 1000, I would be really grateful. Also, if the name has a L in it it's even better, since it would be a common trend with both his sisters, maybe an E too. A, Z and Y are also welcomed. Before the whole matching letters obsession, I also had in mind:

    Max (even if it would maybe be better as a nickname for something. Maxwell? Maximilian? I would definitely use Christopher instead of Michael here.)
    Theo (maybe Theodore?)
    Zander (I can't use Alexander since there's an Alex around. Unless I rename Alex )
    Langston (keeps up with the literary trend, but feels impossible to nickname.)

    If you're up for another challenge now, I am also undecided on Hadley's middle name. They would either honor the city of Seattle where both parents were born, or an old uncle Joe. So far I have:

    Hadley Jo (sounds pretty country and clashes a little with Evelyn Caroline. Or maybe not?)
    Hadley Joey
    Hadley Rain (cheesy, I cringe for even suggesting it.)
    Hadley Emerald (Kind of too out there for the parents, but I'd welcome anything that could go well with green)
    Hadley Anne (Queen Anne Hill?)
    Hadley Iris (It's flowery like Hadley, and it means rainbow. Probably the one that flows better in my opinion, even if it ends up being kind of hippie.)
    Hadley Georgia (Stretching Joe quite a lot, but works for George, who is another character in the story, who can or cannot play a part in this girl's life.)

    Okay, I look pretty lost here, I know, but I keep switching between names, and I can't seem to decide. I know how the characters should be, but I can't find the right name for him, or a fit middle name for Hadley either. I thank you all in advance to any insight you might have to unravel this apparent mess. I'm almost tempted to drop the project altogether or name the guy Michael Quentin/Quentin Michael just for the heck of it
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    I like Hadley Anne.
    Gabriel could have the nn Riel if you want something different.

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    For the little brother - have you considered Gabriel nn Gale? I actually really like Oliver, Blake, and Gabriel for this one. Galen is good, but I felt like Evelyn and Galen were too similar.
    I remember reading a suggestion somewhere for Oliver nn Levi. Is that too much of a stretch? There's also Noll, which I personally found adorable, but I don't know if that's your taste.
    Blake certainly feels classic enough to me. It brings the poet to mind, and besides, if you look at it that way, one could always argue that Hadley is a 'trendy' name.
    I actually like alliterative names, I see nothing wrong with Samuel, haha.
    NNs for Langston - Lang, Lon, Stan (too much of a stretch?), Lat. Sorry if those are no good, you're right, it is really hard to nickname.

    My personal favorite is Gabriel 'Gale' Evelyn, Hadley, and Gale. Perfection (normally, I'd be rooting for Blake here, but Gabriel fits your character better).

    Here some other ideas (sorry for repeats) -

    Silas (I know you didn't want 's' names, but I couldn't resist this one, I think it fits him really well)

    I think Hadley Jo does clash a bit with Evelyn Caroline. Hadley Jane, maybe?

    Hadley Josepha
    Hadley Joanne
    Hadley Jocelyn - This is by far my favorite. I know it doesn't actually relate to Joe, but I was hoping the Jo- beginning would be enough.

    I like Hadley Iris, too. Hope I helped!
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