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    Niiskuneiti's Name the Babies...with a twist!! *results*

    Thanks for playing! Here are the final results : )

    Family #1 - Zenon Beautiful Starr and Atlas Purple Haze Vega

    Andromeda, age 9, Eclipse, age 7, and Caledonia, age 4, have begun singing and dancing and have proved to possess a great natural talent and love of music. For now, they are able to stay in one place and attend public school, for their parents have temporarily “retired” from pop star life.

    DD: Andromeda [danni]
    DD: Eclipse [bailibsmum]
    DD: Caledonia [minisia]

    Family #2 - Faye Jeannette Donahue and Idris Orson Donahue

    Faye and Idris are proud parents of Zephyr and Solstice, age 6; Cybele and Iolanthe, age 4; Terra, age 2; and newborn son, Canyon.

    DS & DS: Zephyr Carin & Solstice Jaime [redvelvet]
    DD & DD: Cybele Mia & Iolanthe Harriet [laugh-dream-love]
    DD: Terra Phaidra [bailibsmum]
    DS: Canyon Oleander.

    Family #3 - Ella Paulina McCabe and Genevieve Esmée Diderot

    Ella (34), Genevieve (37), Adair (6), Gabin (6), Suvi (6), Enzo (4), and Iris (nb) are one big happy family living in Nice, France, and spending summers in Finland.

    DS & DS & DD: Adair Winston, Gabin Dexter, & Suvi Beatriz [danni]
    DS: Enzo Campbell [minisia]
    DD: Iris Roxana [minisia]

    Family #4 - Nerissa Belle Edwards and Gideon James Rice

    Galadriel, age 5, and Aramis, age 4, became proud older siblings to twins Serafina and Hermione. Nerissa and Gideon are hard at work on novels inspired by their four children.

    DD: Galadriel Eloise Jane [eeyoregirl2009]
    DS: Aramis Perceval Hector [laugh-dream-love]
    DD & DD: Serafina Alice Amoret & Hermione Marian Charlotte [minisia]

    Family #5 - Hadley Beth Fox & Caleb Nathaniel Percy

    Hadley (25) and Caleb (26) are able to juggle their budding careers and lively family with the continued support of their loving parents. Casimir (“Cas”) is 9, Fiorella (“Fi”) is 3, and Nicolau (“Nico”) is 1.

    DS: Casimir Phoenix Lennon [savbav]
    DD: Fiorella Megane Phaedra July [minisia]
    DS: Nicolau Jareth Zebulon Eric [laugh-dream-love]

    Family #6 - Avi Joshua Cates and Sabrina Meredith Cates

    Avi and Sabrina happily welcomed baby son Willard last month. Emmeline and Cora, age 5, and Vincent, age 3, are helpful older siblings.

    DD & DD: Emmeline Selah Xiu & Cora Ilana Xin [meganlee2012]
    DS: Vincent Noam Liu [savbav]
    DD or DS: Adeline Sarai Elena or Willard Mikhah Dante [laugh-dream-love]
    New momma to twin boys!

    Arlo Sebastian & Ezra Valentine
    Born 1/1/2014

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