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Thread: Boone

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    We've tossed this name around a lot...put it aside..and we always pick it back up.

    I love that it means Blessing.

    We have a boy (Bryar) and a girl (Scarlett) already and I love their I want to something just as great...and Im starting to think maybe Boone is that name. I don't mind that both boys would start with a B.

    Opinions on Boone?
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    I quite like it, but I am definitely in the minority on this site.

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    Makes me think of Daniel Boone...and the word sounds kind of strange to me, like a drum beat, though I do like the meaning.

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    I think it goes well with Bryar. It is a cute sibset with all three.
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    I was considering this name for a pet, but a couple people let me know that it used to be a derogatory term for black people (as in a slang form of baboon). I don't think it was very prevalent, as I'd never heard it before that, but definitely something to consider.

    Otherwise, I like the cowboy feel to the name, but I would probably only ever use it as a middle. I think a LOT of people would make the Daniel Boone connection.

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