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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    Clarifying things, in Israel
    a) it's not spelt the same
    b) it's not SAID the same, either
    c) it means something totally different and it's not "the girl spelling of Noah"
    Just out of curiosity, how is Noa pronounced?

    To the OP- While not necessarily my style, I think Noa is cute. I would stick with the Noa spelling.

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    I love it! I think it works great for a girl. It has a really soft, familiar feel to it.

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    There's actually a girl a grade above me at school named Noa, so I can definitely see it on another little girl! I also think it looks more feminine without the h.
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    Quote Originally Posted by esswei View Post
    Just out of curiosity, how is Noa pronounced?
    In Israel? Noa is pronounced no-a like Noah is pronounced in English.

    But Noah, the male name, is pronounced in Hebrew with a cchhh sound on the end, comparable to the way Loch is pronounced in Scottish. Sometimes it is transliterated it as Noach.

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    Noah is soo cute! Even Noa, though in America people may misspell it unless she spells it for them. Another name that's a boy's name but sounds adorable as a girl's is Asa.

    Noa & Asa would be cute sibling names!
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