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    Would like to know what people think?!

    Was reading the Pretty in Pink blog on here last week which mentioned Noa as the most popular girls name in Israel and I LOVE IT! I have never heard either Noa or Noah used for a girl before and think that it (particularly without the H) totally works. My fiance and I both have no idea of what we would name a future daughter (we have boys name all picked out) but we both agree that we don't care really if something is a prescribed boys or girls name either way, if we like it we like it!

    Just want to hear some thoughts on Noa for a girl please and how it would be received in the Western world (we live in Australia and my fiance is American).
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    I live in the southern US and I wouldn't be too terribly surprised by a little girl named Noa. It's not common, but so many people are using more unusual names these days and Noa is a familiar sound, so it works. It's not a name I would use personally, it's just not my style, but I wouldn't mind hearing it on someone elses little girl.
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    I like Noa on a girl. This isn't the first time I have heard this question being asked on nameberry, I never paid attention to the other responses but I thought it was usable on a girl

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    I'm in Australia too and I think that you may have trouble with this. I accept that Noa may be very popular for girls elsewhere in the world but I think you would have to accept that here it is completely unheard of. Remember also that Noah is top 10 in most states and as far as I know 100% boy.

    Would you be happy using another top 10 boy's name on a girl (some people do)? If so then go ahead but be realistic about the complications.

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    I think Noa is an adorable name for a girl. Seeing Noah, I would immediately think boy. However, seeing Noa - I would hesitate, boy or girl?

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