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    Jul 2013
    Morgan the Macbook.
    I've had bassoons by the name of Cara, Stanley, Giovanni, and Ricardo.
    Teenberry and writer

    Current favorite names: Henrietta Jubilee and Lowell Aurelian

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    Dec 2012
    PA, USA
    Thought I'd throw in my husband's:
    Vera -- his iPhone, named after Jayne's favorite gun in Firefly
    Arianrhod -- his silver Toyota Camry; Arianrhod means "silver wheel" (I named this one!)

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    Jun 2012
    A Town Called Alice
    Car: Benedict
    Kindle: Delphine
    Ipad Mini: Fargo
    Iphone: Gloria
    Laptop: Maisie
    Ingrid | Kit | Esclarmonde | Alistair | Susanna | Emun

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    Sep 2013
    United States
    I've always named my cars... And a lot of thought went into the naming too!

    My first car was a 1990 Chrysler Lebaron, which I decided was French, and thus named him Antoine (after a boy I met on a trip to France), last name Deuxportes (it was a two-door car). I thought I was hilarious. Unfortunately, Antoine Deuxportes was pronounced dead after a somewhat reckless attempt to get to school on-time on an icy road. In the years since, I've had Toby, Jamal and Andie. My friends and family think I'm insane, but all agree that the names fit the cars perfectly
    Mama to two handsome doggies, teacher to 32 adorable kindergartners and life-long name lover.

    Current name crushes:

    Boys: Beckett * Jack * Sawyer * Cooper * Brighton

    Girls: Lucy * Adalie * Lydia * Emilia

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    Laptop: Daisy
    Car: Hattie
    Bear phone case: Theodore

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