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    Bo, Mabel, Barnaby and...?

    Hi Nameberry!

    Haven't been active on the site for about 17 months but have been browsing broodily for about the past 5. I'm not yet TTC, but the waiting game in more financial than emotional. Me and DH are both keen for a (final) child, but we're waiting until I can afford to take a long maternity leave. I'm the top earner so its proving a frustrating wait.

    In the meantime, It's nice to indulge in a bit of brainstorming (namestorming?)
    We have boys names we both love, but so far only one girls name we both agree on, which is Lavinia/Liv.
    I love Gloria but DH isn't keen; we aren't really religious and he feels it gives off the opposite impression.
    My other loves of the moment are Ginevra and Alberta/Alba.
    I'm looking for something eye-catching, something with a story or meaning behind it, or something with a little weight. I also love Hermione, but- like a lot of people- feel the HP associations are just too strong.
    DH's favourite is Clara, which I like, but it just doesn't have enough spunk/ doesn't feel striking enough.

    I'd love to hear suggestions- preferably not beginning with M. My sons are Barnaby and a Tobias who is predominantly called Bo, so B&B and M&M would be a little matchy for me.
    Also am not a fan of Edith, Agnes or Sybil (too similar in style to Mabel and too too linked to Downton Abbey). Otherwise any suggestions are a-go!

    Looking forward to hearing from any of you
    Tobias Rowley Quentin W. (10/04/2006)
    Mabel Juniper Elsie W. (07/03/2008)
    Barnaby Ivan Fisher (02/04/2012)

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    I do actually like Drusilla! Dulcie is a name we sporadically toy with, and they have something of the same feel. I seem to have a quite antipathy to D names, but these two intrigue me.
    I've also never considered Lorelei- I love 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' though! Am going to look into the history of the name a bit (hitting up the name blogs) but this got me excited.

    Not a fan of Flora or Genevieve or Cecily...I knew a nasty Cecily and the former two are a little frilly for me I think. I like clunky-frilly but not pretty-frilly. Haha
    Thanks for the list, stephanie
    Tobias Rowley Quentin W. (10/04/2006)
    Mabel Juniper Elsie W. (07/03/2008)
    Barnaby Ivan Fisher (02/04/2012)

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    The first thing that popped in my mind with your children's names was Freya.

    If you like Drusilla & toy with the idea of Dulcie, what do you think of Dulcinea?

    From your list, I like Lavinia nn Liv. I also like your husband's choice of Clara. Maybe if you found something striking for one of the middle names it would add a little spunk to it.

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    Haha that's hilarious. Freya is actually one of my favourite names! But- and it's a big but- it's a top twenty name in the UK and I just don't want a daughter who is one of five Freyas in a class.
    I'd put it as a high contender for a middle name though- but only if I find a Christian name that I love profoundly more. Otherwise I would feel strange preferring the middle moniker to the first!

    Dulcinea I haven't heard before. I like its origin: 'Dulcinea was the name created by Cervantes's Don Quixote for his idealized lady.'
    Is it Dul-sin-ee-ah? or Dul-chin-ee-ah?
    Tobias Rowley Quentin W. (10/04/2006)
    Mabel Juniper Elsie W. (07/03/2008)
    Barnaby Ivan Fisher (02/04/2012)

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