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    Bng: The single mom part 3 **requested

    Part 3:

    4 years later, you get a phone call from an unknown number. Your oldest child, ________________ and his/her partner were involved in a very bad car crash, and pronounced dead on the scene. Luckily, his/her child were not involved in the tragic event. You are devastated, but have to take care of the child. After going to court, you and your husband are now parents to your grandchild, _____________.

    What color eyes does the child have?
    Blue, Green, or Brown?

    What color hair does the child have?
    White blonde, auburn, brown or deep dark black?

    You haven't raised a child for quite some time, but luckily you have fantastic neighbors who have a 13 year old too. You learn some parenting tips from them, and instantly the two teenagers become great friends. You never see them apart. One day, you receive a phone call from your grandchild's school. There was a terrible event that took place- a school shooting. And worst of all, ___________'s best friend was shot. His/Her world was being torn apart! First, his/her parents are killed in a car crash. The child had to move in with grandparents he/she barely knew, and had to go to an entirely new school and make new friends. Then, after bonding with the neighbors, their child was shot in a school shooting. What else could possibly go wrong?

    It was hard on ________, but he/she attended the funeral. After the accident, things weren't the same. _______ was constantly inside his/her bedroom, and only came out to use the washroom, eat and go to and from school. At 16, ______ still wasn't involved in any activities. You thought this had to be changed, considering as time went by, your grandchild was anti-social and 100% friendless. Something you definitely did not want. You convinced him/her to sign up for some extra curricular activites. What does the child choose?

    Choices: 1. art class, drama club, and music lessons.
    2. Poetry club, French club, and dance lessons.
    3. Soccer team, math league and drama club.
    4. singing lessons, hockey team, and drama club.
    5. French club, math league and art class.

    After you practically forced the teenager into participating in something, you notice he/she suddenly leaves the house more. Doesn't come straight home after school. Talks to other people his/her age. You and DH are so happy for him/her.

    One day after school, ___________ comes home and asks if he/she can go to a party that night. Because he/she was never social, you don't even think about the situation, and immediately grant ________ the privilidge to go. As far as you know, he/she has been very responsible and mature since they've been living with you.

    It was getting late that night, and _______ still wasn't home. You and DH decide to go to bed, figuring the teenager will be home soon. You wake up a little after 3 in the morning, and realize somebody's in your home. Little did you remember, you let ________ go out to a party. Here he/she was, coming home drunken and tipsy. You were astonished with the behavior of him/her, and just make sure they get into bed safely. You don't really worry about that night, and just pretend to forget about it.

    A few months later, DH notices that 1) If the teen is a girl, is gaining a lot of weight, especially near her stomache. 2) If a male, keeps leaving the house saying he has 'errands to do'. You suspect something, and question __________ about it. He/she finally admits that 1) he is going to be a dad, 2) she's pregnant. You can't believe such an innocent child would do such a thing. You are absolutely angry, but try not to show that to your grandchild. You act and show forgiveness, and you realize the teen's never really had much guidance anyways. 6 months later, __________ becomes a parent to a sweet baby girl.

    Name Choices: Rose, Emerald, Jane, Katniss, Lydia, Juliet, Hannah, Simone, Katie, Lilia, Darcy, Sasha, Annabelle, Irene, Charlotte.

    The baby is healthy, and you agree to take care of her so that _______ can pursue his/her dreams of becoming a:
    1. actress
    2. doctor
    3. teacher
    4. guidance counselor
    5. mortician
    6. business owner
    7. lawyer
    8. chef
    9. writer

    You all live happily ever after! The end
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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