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  • Felix

    20 46.51%
  • Duncan

    13 30.23%
  • Silas

    13 30.23%
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    Felix, Silas, or Duncan?

    What do you think of these names? Honest opinions appreciated


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    Felix- I have always liked Felix. I think it has a cool, different and I love names with X in them. I love how it means Happy and Fortunate as well.

    Silas- I am a sucker for this name. If names ending in S could work with our last name I would so have this on my list. Its cool vibe, strong, mysterious and wearable. This is by far my fave.

    Duncan- I honestly dislike this name. I just dont see it as a name for humans. More so on animals or it could be because whenever I hear this name I think of that movie about the monkey "Duncan Checks Inn" The apes name was Duncan. I much prefer the other two names.

    Good luck!
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    I love all three, but I think I'm liking Duncan the best right now. It's so friendly sounding. They're all on my list, though.
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    We have a similar name style. Silas is my son's name. I love it. It has a very special meaning to us. Some people don't know how to pronounce it, though. Felix was a top contender, too. I think the meaning is just wonderful, but my husband didn't like the cat connection. I am ambivalent towards Duncan.

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    I think they're all really handsome. Felix would be my favorite, followed by Duncan, and Silas third.
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