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Thread: Just Wondering

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    Never never never! It would be a really odd thing to announce it in NZ anyway. We did tell a few people ideas last time and learnt pretty fast that everyone will feel happy to blast your names (and put your right off them) before the baby is born. Afterwards they won't say anything because it's a done deal.
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    Last time we decided on the name in advance and we told everyone. I felt like we better claim it before it got used. My cousin was pregnant at the time and we did not want anyone else using it. In our family it is absolutely without question rude and deliberate name stealing to use a first or middle that is not a hand me down family name for anyone else in the family. The first person to claim the name or use the name gets it and is then seen as off limits completely. However, not everyone's family and friends views naming that way but I would be pissed if someone used my name after I announced it!!! There are hundreds of thousands of names out there get your own!!! Anyway, this time we are probably going to go with a list of names to the hospital as there are not going to be any family or friends or church goers pregnant at the same time this time as they are all just now having their babies or just had them. We will find out the sex if we can but won't pick the name until we see the baby. I do want the air of mystery when people come to see the baby for the first time unlike what we had last time.

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