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Thread: Just Wondering

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    I would absolutely never tell anyone! People think they can judge your name before the baby is born because it's not "officially" named yet and, if they don't like the name, think they can talk you out of it and into something else. Or they go in the opposite direction and buy everything monogrammed for the new baby, which is too bad if you change your mind at the last minute! I'll probably run a few names past close family or friends, but certainly wouldn't tell anybody the baby's name before it's born. I think that's pretty uncommon in Australia, anyway.
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    It really depends on what the people in your life are like. If they're kind & supportive & respect peoples boundaries & don't enjoy criticizing everything around them I think it's great to tell them. If they're like my friends and family it's best to say nothing until the name is attached to a live human being that they will all fall in love with immediately.

    I talked names early in my pregnancy and they roasted everything I mentioned. My sweet little grandma completely ruined several longtime favorites as I will never unhear her critiques! I stopped talking names & would just let them rattle off suggestions. I ended up using a name that they had all made faces at in the beginning and they all LOVED IT once we announced it! I personally couldn't handle all of the opinions.

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    People can be really inconsiderate in their responses if you tell them your choice before the baby is born. We told a few people before Azula was born and were pretty disappointed by some of the comments we got. Once the name is attached to a baby I think people tend to keep any negative opinions to themselves.
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    I don't think when my time comes I'll tell anyone. Maybe just our parents if anyone. But then again I'd be nervous about telling my mum, we have completely different styles, and she often moans that "Your kids have names from the eighteen hundreds!" I just know that once its already on the baby, my family will be accepting, and they'll love the baby no matter what's its name. If I am honoring a particular relative, like one of my best friends and mentors (I am considering using her middle name [Claire] and honoring her by using Clara. Especially since her first name is spelt the same way as my mum's; but pronounced very differently.) Anyway, if it was someone I planned to honor I would consider telling them, but otherwise its a secret. I think people are overly critical and don't always recognise that this isn't a rash decision, people put a lot of thought into it! Best of luck
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    I only told my Mom and a few close friends what we were going to name her. The other day, someone on my Facebook announced the full name of their baby after they had the 20 week anatomy scan, like literally 10 minutes after... haha. And it was super boring, Hayley Elizabeth. Ugh.
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