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Thread: Just Wondering

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    Just Wondering

    Hi Everyone...I was thinking about this recently and was wondering if you guys are going to announce the name you have chosen for your baby before they are born. I understand that some people won't find out the gender or maybe will wait for the birth to completely decide but if you are definite on a name will you share it? I was discussing this with my husband and we are considering just telling our family and close friends until our child is actually born. I am not pregnant yet but we are trying to conceive. I have heard mixed things on this, some don't want the outside influence on their decision or the negativity. I also know a few people are concerned about name thievery. What did you do or what will you do in the future? I was also thinking that maybe we wouldn't tell anyone because then we don't have to worry about it getting out.

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    For all of ours, we only told close family and friends the baby's initials, and everyone else had to wait until the birth. Only one person besides my husband and I has ever known the name before the birth. We told my great-grandmother Nico's name because we knew that she would most likely die before Nico was born, and she was very excited to have her first great-great-grandchild. But unless there is a situation like that (God forbid), I think we'll be sticking to close family and friends getting initials. Besides, it's fun to watch them guess, and see who actually gets it right.
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    I've had 3 babies and each time I have shared the name differently. Our 1st baby no one knew until she was born. We gave hints about our second baby's name (it's a family name). For our 3rd baby everyone knew his name before he was born. As you can see, we became more relaxed with each baby. I think it depends on your family situation. Are family members going to criticize or pressure you to choose a different name? If so, then don't share.

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    We're not telling anyone the name. I am overly concerned with what other people think, so I'd rather pass on the "feedback" I might get. Also, it's nice to have a little bit of information just for the two of us.
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    I kept my daughter's name a secret. Well, I tried. We didn't choose names until I was like 35 weeks. And SO, who's terrible at secrets, told his dad and brother (who just said they're nice names).

    I also told one of my best friends, who had been drinking at the time, and I didn't think he'd remember them, but he did and told a few other friends. They all liked them, though (or at least pretended to).

    I didn't tell my mom because I knew she'd have a negative opinion if whatever I chose, and didn't tell anyone else as I thought they'd tell my mom. I also really really enjoyed my family and friend's name suggestions.

    Next time, we'll likely find out the gender (dads choice, I got my way the first time around). So I'd like to keep the name a secret for the same reason + to add more anticipation for family and friends, but since my SO can't keep secrets like that very well, it's unlikely.

    Plus if we have a boy we'll probably use the same choice as this time, and we told everyone after the fact
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