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    What do you think of my list? Opinions and imagery

    These are my top 10 names atm.

    What do you think? Any opinions/suggestions/favorites?

    What sort of person do you see when you read these names?

    Clara Liberty
    Esther Juliet
    Harlow Paloma
    Jenna Rosamund
    Laurel Cassandra
    Margo Juniper
    Nora Meredith
    Rowan Athena
    Sadie Genevieve
    Tessa Bethany
    Clara Liberty, Esther Juliet, Harlow Paloma, Jenna Rosamund, Laurel Cassandra, Margo Juniper, Nora Meredith, Rowan Athena, Sadie Genevieve, Tessa Bethany

    Albert Frederick, Asher Jeremy, Bennett Samuel, Deacon Timothy, Edmund Nicholas, Theodore Holden, Nathaniel Grayson, Hugo Dominic, Judah Finnegan, Lucas Christopher

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    Clara Liberty--eh
    Esther Juliet--love Juliet, but Esther sounds homely to me
    Harlow Paloma--love (adore!) Paloma...Harlow is too close to harlot
    Jenna Rosamund--Rosamund is nice...Jenna's a bit dated (or soon will be)
    Laurel Cassandra--pretty
    Margo Juniper--Love Juniper--it sounds so fresh, but not Margo, esp. this spelling--it looks almost like mango
    Nora Meredith--serious, but homely girl.
    Rowan Athena--gorgeous
    Sadie Genevieve--fresher of the vintage combos
    Tessa Bethany--sounds like an 80s throwback

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    Clara Liberty - For some reason I immediately thought of a woman who attends an ivy league school lol. I like it!
    Esther Juliet - Both vintage classics which I really like.
    Harlow Paloma - I really like this name. The only problem for me is the l's. I think there a little too close with each other, both being in the first syllable, but that might just be me!
    Jenna Rosamund - I agree with rkrd, Jenna seems really dated, especially along with Roseamund which is a timeless name.
    Laurel Cassandra - Very pretty, Laurel is a favourite of mine.
    Margo Juniper - LOVE this name the most, I prefer the Margo spelling a lot more. I can't look at Margot without thinking of Maggots haha.
    Nora Meredith - Pretty but maybe a bit too plain
    Rowan Athena - LOVE. It's just a beautiful name all around. I love the strong sounding first name with a softer middle, very balanced I think.
    Sadie Genevieve -A lovely combo of classic spunk with sophistication!
    Tessa Bethany - I agree with rkrd again, this name seems dated from the 80s.


    Suggestions I'm not so good with...maybe instead of Nora you could go with Cora or Noa? I think it makes the name a lot more fresh.
    Jenna could be replaced with Kate or June, they have the same sort of feel to them and go great with Roseamund.

    Names in general that I think you might like:
    Tess (Opposed to Tessa?)

    Sorry again, I'm new to suggesting!

    Hope I helped anyway!
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    Clara Liberty- I see a very serious and studious girl. She's a very sweet perfectionist.
    Esther Juliet- Also very quiet, very shy. She likes to draw. She's very romantic, and lives inside her own head.
    Harlow Paloma- Very energetic and likes to have fun.
    Jenna Rosamund- A jokester, very funny.
    Laurel Cassandra- An outdoorsy garden type. Very eco friendly and organic.
    Margo Juniper- Another bookwork, though this one is much more outgoing. She's a very active member in her community. Likes to volunteer.
    Nora Meredith- A bit of a homebody who likes to sew and knit. Loves kids and quality family time.
    Rowan Athena- Very artsy. Has sleeves of tattoos, each one with meaning. Does watercolors on the weekends.
    Sadie Genevieve- A girly girl. Likes the color pink and sunflowers.
    Tessa Bethany- Likes bubble gum, side braids, Blondie, because she lives in 1985.

    Favorite Combos:
    Clara Liberty, Esther Juliet, Margo Juniper, and Nora Meredith.
    Least Favorite Combos:
    Jenna Rosamund, Harlow Paloma (too many Oh sounds), Sadie Genevieve (too many EE sounds) and Tessa Bethany.

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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    Who do I envision when I read these names?

    Beautiful, respectable girls and women.


    1. Athena Margaret
    2. Paloma Claire

    1. Clara Genevieve
    2. Nora Vivienne

    1. Clara Gwendolen
    2. Nora Meredith

    1. Clara Juliet
    2. Nora Scarlett

    1. Esther Vivienne
    2. Margot Genevieve

    1. Juniper Margot
    2. Rosamund Esther

    1. Sadie Claire
    2. Tessa Margaret

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