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    I'm with Mischa here. Elia (eh-LYE-ah) is a form of Elijah, and is most definitely a boys' name. I do like Elea (variant of Eleanor, I believe, said eh-LEE-ah), though, and Elea Sophia Kate is pretty (although the endings are quite repetitive. They would be for Elia Sophia Kate, too, though... Or you could do Eleanor Sophia Kate, nn Elea?
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    Congratulations! Elia is pretty, but doesn't really feel much more substantial than Ellie and it doesn't flow very well with Sophia. But you have so many great options with the El names. These would be my pick:
    Eliane Sophia Kate/Eliana Sophia Kate
    Elisa Sophia Kate
    Elise Sophia Kate
    Eliza Sophia Kate
    Eloise Sophia Kate
    Elodie Sophia Kate
    Eleni Sophia Kate
    Eliora Sophia Kate
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    Elia is a nice enough name but I think it would be confusing. I'd pronounce it like Elias but without the S, but I think it would get read a lot as Ella because the ll and the li are pretty typographically close.

    I'm assuming you're looking for something a bit more unusual than Eleanor etc, so I won't suggest those. Eliana/Elianna also has the same meaning 'God has answered' listed on Nameberry and it's a bit more familiar in pronunication as well as being definitely feminine (taking on board Mischa's comment) - Eliana/Elianna Sophia Kate would be lovely. SSA 2012 rankings has them at #145/#732 in their respective spellings

    Other thoughts of sub-top 100 names that could give Ellie

    Eloise/Eloisa: 'healthy' - #364/out of top 1000
    Eleni: 'bright, shining one' - out of top 1000
    Elise/Elisa: 'pledged to God' - #151/#366
    Eliora: 'the Lord is my light' - out of top 1000

    Any of the -elle/-ella ending names could also nickname to Ellie - Danielle/a, Gabrielle/a, Isabelle/a etc, though they're not as natural and you run the chance of people shortening it to the start rather than the end.

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    There is a little girl that comes to my work whose name is Eila, they pronounce it ay-la though. I think it's a cute name regardless.

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    I like it alot.
    I understand the concern over the fact that it is an originally male name, but to me it looks really feminine and I'd be more surprised seeing that name on a male on a female. It looks like a purely female name.
    It's rare enough where I think she should be able to set whatever pronunciation she wants to, however I do agree with the notion that she may have to correct people alot of the time. Yet, that's not unusual with uncommon names and I think one correction should do the trick.

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