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Thread: Poseidon?

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    I am not pregnant anymore but just trying to get the baby name buzz back in my system. I am trying to add some new fresh names to my boys list since my girls list is getting quite large. I have been liking mythological names lately. I have a few on my list but came across Poseidon nn Cy or Poe. Just wanted your thoughts on it! I know to some it may be a lot of name for a child or adult but I like it. This will be my first name post since losing our baby so dont be too harsh!

    WDTY of these combos?
    Poseidon William
    Poseidon John (my bfs name, his fathers name and my fathers middle name)
    Poseidon Leo ( my grandfathers name)

    Other combos are welcome
    Thanks in advance.
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    I think it is one of the more out there Greek baby names I have to admit! Boys names after Gods are often like this though. I do like wacky names though so I am really on board with it, especially with the classic middle! If you can think of a cute nn then it is definitely a good consideration X
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    @handbow- Thank you for responding. I love the names on your list! I definitely am a person who likes names that are not the norm. Or unusual. And the majority of the mythological names I like end in S which does not flow with our last name. Hmm any suggestions on nick names we could use?
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    My friend's husband actually loves that name for a boy, and had they had a boy, they more than likely would have went with it. Instead, they had a Pandora nn Dory. :] I don't think it's awful, but I agree with the AP that it is one of the more "out there" ones.

    Some other ideas:

    Perseus nn Percy <3
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    It is definitely an attention getting name, but I think still useable. Nicknames that come to mind for Poseidon: Don, Si (pronounced like Cy), Posey (might read too girly), and (my favorite) Poe.

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