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    I don't see a problem with it. So many mythological and biblical names have become common place that many people probably won't notice or care. For instance, I'm Catholic, and Diana (a Roman Goddess) is one of my favorite picks for a girl. And if I met a Sarah or Mary who was nonreligious, I probably wouldn't bat an eye.

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    When it comes to name - the names used in the bible were likely used before they became a Christian name too and only became associated with Christianity after being mentioned in say the bible or being canonized as saints.

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    I don't think it would be strictly appropriate, but I guess it depends how religious you are. You might not want to choose a name that people immediately associate with another religion.
    Artemis, Aphrodite or Athena for example are major deities & make most people think of the Greek goddesses right away.
    Selene, Cybele or Rhea are less commonly known deities or titans or whatever, and people don't immediately make the connection to the mythology so those might be more appropriate choices for a religious person.
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    I'm a christian and I named my daughter Lily Rose Athena. I think it's alright to do, I just wouldn't name my children anything with a bad meaning.

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    There's nothing in the Bible that says you can't.

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