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    Two Beloved names, help me choose between them

    We are expecting our second daughter soon and have narrowed down her name to two choices:
    Caroline Audrey or Audrey Caroline.
    I have always adored Caroline. My first born girl's name is Charlotte Ainsley ... so they would have the same initials. I fine this sweet and something they could share.
    My husband's first choice is Audrey. I like it... just not IN LOVE with it. So, which is your favorite? thanks for all feedback!

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    As a Caroline I have to say that I too love this name although I confess that I use my middle name of Margot most of the time because I did not stand up for myself when I was young and consequently people gave me the nn of Carol which I dislike. If I had my time over I would either insist on being called Caroline or one of the pretty nicknames eg Carrie, Carys, Carly.

    I think that the combo of Audrey Caroline flows beautifully but if I had to choose between Audrey and Caroline as a first name it would have to be Caroline. I love to see Caroline being used as it is such a classy name that while not being wildly popular like Elizabeth never loses its appeal and fits into all decades seamlessly unlike the Jennifers who will always be allotted the 70's timeslot.

    Good luck

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    Thanks rollo! I love that you mentioned NN... if we choose Caroline, I plan on calling her Carys for short. And I do like that it is not insanely popular at the moment like some others but seems still fresh and timeless at the same time!

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    I prefer Caroline Audrey as a name, but I don't know if you're aware that Charlotte and Caroline are both feminine forms of Charles (Caroline coming from the original Latin, Carolus). And the shared initials is fine if you're planning on stopping at two, but if you're intending on more children you're looking like either tying yourself into the C A theme (ok if you like Christina Alice or something, not so great if your next three favourite girl names begin with R, T and H) or risk having one daughter feeling left out that they have different initials. Just a couple of things you might want to consider.

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