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    Third time's the charm - Three Sisters

    So, at the moment, I'm working on a story that revolves around three sisters. The plot's a little rusty and needs A LOT of work still, but I have a good idea of who the sisters are, and I really want them named before I go any further...the problem is, I can't for the life of me settle on their names. I've spent the last week or so attempting to find a set of names that follow some sort of pattern as well as suit each of the sisters respectively, and it has been very trying. Recently, I've settled on two of the sisters' names but the last sister remains unnamed. I've gone over various sites attempting to find a name that (A) suits the character, (B) has a cute nickname, and (C) fits her sisters: which means (1) having three syllables and (2) ending in an 'a', and (3) having a similar feel. So far, I have nada. In a last ditch effort, I've decided to create a forum and see if there's any berries out there that can help me out a little.

    The sister that needs a name is in fact the eldest, she's twenty-three and ironically the shortest, with short wavy dyed golden blonde hair, fair skin, and deep brown eyes (and she’s not one to have insecurities about the way she looks). What she lacks in size, she makes up for in character: she’s impulsive, reckless and stubborn, but has a strong sense of loyalty, particularly to her family. She’s a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ kind of girl. She’s brash and can be a little presumptuous, but is usually motivated by the right reasons. She's bold and fearless and doesn't allow anyone to hold power over her. She's a poor role model for her younger sisters: Andrea (17) and Francesca (15), but she's a role model nevertheless and tries her best to do the right thing (unfortunately, her impulsive nature usually takes over before she can stop it). She likes to be spontaneous and keep people guessing, it keeps her from getting bored (which usually happens very quickly).

    Their surname is Rycroft, and, as mentioned, her sisters are Andrea and Francesca. I was looking for a name that tied in with her sisters name, but given there's such a large age gap between Andrea and her (compared to, at least, the age gap between Andrea and Francesca) I think I'll settle for something that (A) fits well with Rycroft, (B) suits the character, (C) has a cute nickname, and (D) has a similar feel to Andrea and Francesca. In advance, a huge thankyou to anyone who has a go at straddling my conundrum!

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    bailibsmum Guest
    okay i'm going with Claudia Seems like the prefect name from reading what she is being described as..

    Claudia.. with the nickname Claudie or Dee-dee

    Claudia, Andrea & Francesca also go really well together..

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    renrose Guest
    How about...

    Emilia: Emmy
    Isabella: Bella

    ((Both four but I still think they work.))

    Bianca: Bee
    Carina: Carrie
    Sophia: Fee
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    Andrea, Francesca and:

    Tabitha (Tabby, Tibby)
    Matilda (Tilly, Mattie, Milly, Tilda)
    Vanessa (Ness, Nessa)
    Nadia (Nadi, Dia)
    Michaela (Mickie, Kayla)
    Julia (Jules)
    Louisa (Lou, Lulu)
    Nicola (Nikki)

    Victoria (Vicky, Tor/i, Ria) - 4 syllables but I think it works

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    Andrea, Francesca, and...


    Sorry for any repeats! Hope you find a name that fits!

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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