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    My take on it would be, combine the 3 boys in the master if it's the biggest room (unless it's some sort of fancy master suite I don't think it matters in the least what you call the room, lol, people can get really touchy about silly things like that though). You guys would go in the second biggest room and the twins would get the small room.

    Over the next 4-5 years work on setting up the attic as a room. Then the 2 oldest would be in one room, next 2 boys would get second room, girl would get the small room, and you two would have the last room (which room who takes I'd imagine would depend on your needs at the time, but I suppose the oldest boys would get the attic and you'd get the master back).

    When to separate them I think will depend on their personalities. I don't think I'd have them share past about 8 years old, but if they love sharing then you could extend it past 4 or 5.

    As for decorating a b/g twin nursery, I think there's a lot of options depending on what you like.
    Personally, I'd probably do a chair rail with a coral color on top and robin's egg blue or bright sage green on the bottom (with pops of yellow). Then you could do maybe an animal theme--like circus or zoo.
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    Just wanted to say there are some really cute, fairly compact beds with drawers underneath at IKEA. They're not bunks, but they are good space-savers for toys.
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    Matilda and Eloise share, Walter has his own and Ramona and Bernadette share.

    I know Matilda is a little jealous that Walter gets his own room but he is so far the only boy (despite the fact that he hates it).
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