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    I'm just gonna jump in and say that you really don't need to rush the separation of the twins. Five seems a bit early for that, unless you find that they aren't getting along, of course. My brothers are twins (although the fact that they're both boys makes it a little different) who always shared a room--until I went off to college last year, at which point one of them inherited my room (they were 8.) However, they really weren't comfortable being separated, so what ended up happening is that they both sleep in my old room (it's biggest) but one keeps all of his things in their former room, which is now sort of a playroom. It's a weird arrangement, and one that annoys me to no end, but they really wanted to stay together and it was too soon to move one of them out.

    For your situation, I'm going to second what others have been saying and agree that you should move F in with N and S, then eventually move S and N into the fixed-up attic and put the boy twin in with F. Basically what leadmythoughts said.

    As for a boy/girl nursery, that's totally doable. I'd paint it yellow, green or blue (any color but pink, really), and then just give each of them a side of the room when they get older.
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    Thank you for the feedback! I really like your suggestion, leadmythoughts. I'll definitely show that to my husband. That may actually be what we end up doing.

    For the nursery, I like the idea of neutral walls with bright-colored accessories. Or maybe something a little girlier in design, but using more subdued, neutral colors (grays and whites, with pops of red and green perhaps)? My biggest issue is that I've never been a particularly frilly person, and the fact that I've had three sons doesn't help. But we want something that will easily transition from a nursery to an older child's room.

    One thing a lot of people mentioned was keeping the twins in the same room for longer than just four or five years. Holding off on changing their rooms around would give us more time to plan and save for the attic room. How long would you keep the twins in the same room?
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    I am 15 months older than my younger brother, and we shared a room until around when I turned 8. It was never a problem, we got along famously. I think when kids are little gender isn't as much of a barrier as age. We had bunk beds and shared pretty much all our toys and stuff. I would say definitely age 8 to by about 10 is kind of when I think it becomes more important to give them their separate spaces.
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    I shared a room with my brother up till about high school. It wasn't weird or anything. We just didn't change clothes in the bedroom. But if you know already that you want to separate the children by gender, I would go ahead and put your girl in the smallest room by herself and give your four boys the largest room together. I mean once the babies are old enough that they are out of room, if you keep them in with you at the beginning. This way, it will seem normal to them from the start and they likely won't resent that your daughter suddenly gets her own room after X number of years.

    Then I would turn the attic into a shared playroom for all of the kids. If the bedrooms are just for sleeping and you keep all toys and books in the playroom, you can easily put four boys in one room. You can fit two sets of bunk beds in most rooms, I think. If they don't play in there, then floors space won't be an issue.

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    I would put the three older boys in the larger bedroom (either the bigger second bedroom or the master depending if the second bedroom is big enough for three) with a bunk bed and a single bed. Put S and N into the bunk bed so they still have their space and give F the single so he's still got his own space. You could put curtains on the bunk bed to offer more privacy. Put the twins into the smallest bedroom or the second bedroom if the boys are in the master and the smallest isn't big enough for two cribs and all the other things for the twins. You could keep the room arrangements like that until around 9ish I would think. At that point you could have the attic remodeled for S and N with F and the boy twin in the second bedroom and the girl twin in the smallest bedroom. Also how old is your oldest? Are they eight now? If so by the time you'd be remodeling that attic they would be teenagers and probably think it's really neat to have an attic bedroom.
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