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    Dividing up bedrooms/how to design shared bedrooms

    With the impending arrival of our boy/girl twins, we are dealing with dividing up bedrooms. We plan on having the twins share a room for a while (maybe four or five years), but we will eventually be transitioning into a single-gender arrangement. So I was hoping we could get some insight into designing shared bedrooms and when/how to split up bedrooms.

    The current situation:

    1) N and S share a room, F has his own. With the arrival of the twins, he may or may not be moving in with N and S.
    2) There are only three bedrooms in the house, and we aren't planning on moving any time soon.
    3) One of the kids' rooms is a decent size for sharing, the other is very small. The master bedroom is the biggest bedroom in the house, and it's on the same side and floor of the house that the other bedrooms are on, so the kids having the master is an option we are willing to consider.
    4) We don't really want to take on any large projects (so no construction, etc) right now, but it may be an option later on. We have a decent-sized attic that we are considering turning into another room.

    The future situation:

    1) The twins will be sharing for a while, but we would like for them to be in different rooms by the time they are five years old.
    2) N and S are fourteen months apart, and have always shared a room. F is nearly three years younger than S. The twins will be 3.5 years younger than F.
    3) We will have four boys and one girl. Ideally, we would like to have the rooms divided up by gender in a few years, instead of age.

    The questions:

    1) How do you go about introducing a new roommate? The boys all get along great, but N and S kind of have their own separate thing from F. I'm not sure how introducing F into their room would change that dynamic.
    2) How would you design a shared bedroom? Use curtains to divide up the space? Color schemes? Match everything to a T? How about a nursery for a boy and a girl?
    3) What do you think about the parents giving the master bedroom over to the kids?
    4) Is four kids in a room too much? Especially since girl twin would eventually have her own room?

    Thanks so much!
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    I think the best think to do it for the boys to have the master bedroom and for your daughter to have the smaller room, that's what I would do anyway.
    I'm not really sure about the whole new roommate thing. Maybe just make sure they all have their own room for clothes and toys or whatever. I can't really think of anything else.
    For the design of a shared bedroom I would just have let each child have their own bedding and probably have the walls a colour that everyone agrees on. For a boy and girl nursery I would have all neutral things. The walls would either be cream or yellow and everything else would just be multicoloured or cream.
    I don't think their is a problem with four children sharing the same room as long as there aren't arguments about it or staying up all night together or anything else happening. My sister's friend is a child of six. Four boys and two girls and they only live in a three bedroom bungalow. All four boys share a room and the girls share a room and I think it works out fine for them. I'm pretty sure the room which the boys have is bigger than the parents room so it was probably originally the master bedroom but I'm not one hundred percent sure about that.

    Good luck with it anyway. I hope it all works out in the end, whatever you chose to do.

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    Four boys in a room is quite a lot, depending on the size of the room. If they're not happy with sharing with each other, they may end up resenting your daughter for having her own room. I'd make sure the boys have the biggest room and your daughter the smallest, even if that means you and your husband having to move into another room, purely for space reasons - 4 lots of clothes, 4 lots of toys etc is going to take quite a bit of space. I think giving your sons the master bedroom is the better option, and I'd consider adapting the attic once the older two hit their teenage years - if I've calculated right you're looking at 8 years between N and the twins, and I'm not sure how well a 13 year old will take to sharing with a 5 year old, different bed times, different interests, the whole wanting to be mature situation.

    I'd suggest two sets of bunks with drawers underneath for toy storage, and let them all pick their own bedding - and maybe let them put a poster or two on the wall by their bunk if you're willing to let them stick things on the wall. Let them have their own bit of individuality in the room, even if you do a neutral wall painting.

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    You can get away with the girl sharing a room with the boys until she hits puberty, which you may or may not mean when you say 'in a few years.' I'm not sure which of these kids is the girl. I shared a room with my brothers (two years apart for both, one older one younger) for about four years, from 9-13. It'd say move her out around 11 and as pp has said, give her the smallest room.

    If in the next few years you can finagle another room from your house, attic space or family room or something, do it. 5 kids in two rooms, with a 4/1 split, is going to be hard for the kids. Ideally, the two older boys would have a room, the two younger would have a room, and the girl would have her own.

    If the master isn't much bigger than the big room, don't move out of it. Kids with their own bathroom is a mess, and I'm assuming you have another full bath outside of your room.

    Until your girl turns 11, though, put her in the bigger room with her brothers and put the twins in the little room. Then switch her and the twins. At this point you should really have another bedroom, but it's a few years in the future and you have time to figure it out/consider it.
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    What I would do:

    Keep the twins with you in the master for 6 months, and keep the room situation the same.

    At 6 months, move F into N and Ss room while you make the small bedroom the nursery. Market this as now F moves into the big boy's room so he doesn't feel displaced. At some point before the twins reach 4 or 5, create the attic room. Put N and S in the attic, F and boy twin in the large bedroom, and the twin girl in small bedroom.

    I'd also personally let the twins stay together until 8 or 9 even, depending on interests/development/puberty, but if that's not something you'd consider, I'd do the above
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