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    I watched Barney as a kid and of course that's the first thing I think of, but I also think of the brilliant character in How I met you Mother which makes me love that name so much more.

    I think it's totally usable.
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    I think of Flintstones & the purple dinosaur before Neil Patrick Harris. I don't think it's unusable, but I'm sure someone will make the occasional comment so if that would bother you a lot, maybe find a name with less associations. Plenty of people use Felix & Casper, but plenty of other find them too cartoonishly cat or ghostlike. I think all of these names are fine unless hearing someone reference any of these namesakes makes mom or dad cringe!

    Also- I don't really watch TV so while I am aware of these associations I have no idea how popular any of these shows are....are the children's ones still on?

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    I'm watching this thread with interest because I love the name Barnaby, which I think will almost inevitably be shortened to Barney. Barnaby is great, but I'm not sure about Barney. Im a little too old for the purple dinosaur, but watched plenty of Flintsones and Andy Griffith (Barney Fife) as a kid.
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    I just relate it to a St. Bernard I once knew.

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    I don't think it's useable as a first name either. My first associations are Barney Fife and the purple dinosaur, which I refuse to let my daughter watch. I don't think these connections with the name will go away for awhile.
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