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    Which feminized version of Henry is best?

    Trying to find the best feminized version of Henry for the first name Lavinia.

    Which do you like best?

    Lavinia Harriet

    Lavinia Henriet

    Lavinia Henriette

    Lavinia Henrietta

    Also can Henriette be spelled Henriet, or would that be a French pronounciation like ballet? with the silent "t" instead of the -ette sound? I feel like it could go either way since there is Juliet and Juliette or Violet and Violette.

    Henry/Heinrich is a family name on both sides so I'd like to incorporate it in the middle somehow. Any other options and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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    Harriet is very pretty.
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    Lavinia Harriet (1st) or Lavinia Henriette (2nd) look & sound best to me. I would pr. Henriet with an "ay" sound at the end unless told otherwise. You could abbreviate to Lavinia Riette. I like:
    Lavinia Heike "HY-keh" since it's so close to Heinrich.

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    I definitely like Harriet for the middle.

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    Lavinia Harriet has the best flow!

    I would probably guess the pronunciation you want for Henriet, but, it looks strange. Juliet and Violet (and Harriet for that matter) are familiar names in English, Henriet is not. So even though Henriet makes sense in some ways, if that's the name you want, I'd definitely go with Henriette just because it's standard. (By the same token, I'd recommend Harriet over Harriette).

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