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Thread: Monroe: m or f?

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    There's nothing feminine about Monroe, so I vote male.
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    I agree with southern.maple. There's nothing feminine about it. It's very manly to me. I love it on a boy! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Monroe sounds masculine to me. but of course you could still use that name on a girl and have it work just perfectly. last names do have a unisex quality oftentimes. oh, and just because *some* people might use a name for their girls doesn't mean the whole name is "going to the girls"!! Mama, you can still use the name you love!

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    To me, it's very masculine.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We are wanting to use this name strictly for a boy, as we see it as a masculine first name. Probably because this name is a family first name for his uncle. I just don't want any confusion about gender when one sees or hears the name. We will use a middle name that is 100% male! Thanks again.

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