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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    Butterfly kisses- it has to be the same time every day, before you do anything else... Before the bathroom, before even getting out of bed. I wake up at 5:00 am for work, so that means I've been waking up at 5 on weekends :/ but... My bbt thermometer "remembers" my last recorded temp, so I leave the thermometer on my nightstand, and when the alarm goes off, I grab the thermometer and take my temp, and then go back to sleep. I use the fertility friend app, so I record the temp there when I wake up again. it's free, but you can pay for special features. The free version is enough... After you ovulated your temp spikes.. Fertility friend needs three days of higher temps to confirm ovulation, then it puts in crosshairs for you... A coverline and your O day. It takes all the guess work out...all I do is imput data. The app works on androids and iPhones, and I have it on my iPad, iPhone, and I can access my account on a computer too. It is not confusing or frustrating, but I do feel a bit like a science experiment. Lol. After a few months, you get good at predicting what your body will do. I especially like it because it helps you determine how long your luteal phase (time between ovulation and menstruation) is. Once you know yours, if you have higher temps for days past that, it's likely that you're pregnant. For example, my luteal phase is 13 days. So if I have high temps (higher than coverline) for 14-15 days and still no AF, it's time to POaS.

    Amoser- you do have to start on day one of AF.

    I really recommend it.

    ETA: You have to use a thermometer designed for BBT... It can't be a regular thermometer. I bought mine at the drugstore, in the "feminine products" section.
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    I also chart my BBT and I do everything that Dindlee mentioned. I temp the same time everyday. I keep the thermometer on my nightstand and when my alarm goes off I reach for it and temp before I even sit up, then I record the data on fertility friend. I have the app on my phone. You can also record CM if you are tracking that too. It usually takes a couple months before you can predict the times you most likely ovulate. As Dindlee said, you spike after you ovulate, so if you wait for the spike you missed it. I am lucky, some women get a big dip in temp right before ovulation and I am one of those women. Not everyone gets that extra sign before ovulation so it is great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    Once you know yours, if you have higher temps for days past that, it's likely that you're pregnant. For example, my luteal phase is 13 days. So if I have high temps (higher than coverline) for 14-15 days and still no AF, it's time to POaS.
    I took my temp and charted while ttc my son. I was able to predict that I was pregnant before I took a pregnancy test because my temperature stayed up high. It was kind of neat since every month I had been looking for all those early sign and that one is a little more concrete then wondering if your breast feel tender or at least for me.
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    After reading all these posts, you guys have me interested in charting my bbt!!!
    I wasn't planning on it when we start ttc in a few months because we (**thankfully**) don't have any serious fertility issues....but I didn't know that you can also use it to predict if you are pregnant, that is really cool! And for someone like me who wastes tons of money on tests even when I know it's too early to test, this would be great to keep me a little sane during the process...
    Do you have to use a special thermometer to do bbt? Where can you find them and are they expensive?
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    They're not very expensive. I have one but haven't started charting yet. I had some very light cramps today with spotting at CD 29 - wasn't expecting period until the 26th or 27th. Bleh. Early AF this month I guess! I doubt it is implantation, but I guess there's a chance. Going to wait and see what happens.
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