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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    I share the same worries as the rest of you, as this will be our first. Will it change too much? Are we ready? Do we have enough money in savings? Have we had enough adventures with "just us"?

    Then I think of what a great dad my hubs will be, and how much of an adventure it will be to have a child, and I'm ready to get started right now

    tararyaz-- a babymoon is a great idea! We've been thinking of trying to go somewhere this spring that's on our "bucket list" and isn't super kid friendly. Maybe Costa Rica, or maybe just a hiking trip in one of the U.S.'s national parks. Peru or Cambodia would be the dream, but I don't think we'll be able to afford either of those PLUS a baby, haha.
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    I guess I should join this thread. We're going to start trying for #2 in January. I am trying to go to the gym regularly and eat better so I can be in good shape for a pregnancy. It took us 4 months to get pregnant last time, so we'll see what happens this time. I'm getting excited!

    I hadn't thought about it when I chose January, but if we conceive the first month (probably not too likely) the baby and Rowan's birthdays will be very close, within a few days probably.
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    I hope to toss out the birth control in August. The past year has been a hectic one, in a good way, but we're still settling in. Graduated and married in April/May then moved and started my career. I know a baby will change our relationship, but I am not afraid of that especially since my husband already knows largely what he's in for since he has two teenagers. We've been together for almost 8 years and are as prepared as any couple can be, I think. By next summer, the pre-baby goals are to spend good couple-time and cross off the pre-baby bucket list, especially finally taking a real honeymoon! (Maybe we can start TTC then around then) Also I might get a tattoo. Hope to meet our budget goals after we finally get a feeling of exactly what our budget is (my student loan payments haven't started yet) and make good headway in saving up a nice down payment for a home. I'm fairly healthy but I'm trying to be more disciplined with actually eating those salads and doing cardio on the all the days I don't work. I already take my vitamins as required by my blood donation habit. Probably only a few more of those left before I take the baby hiatus My annual physical is in the early summer so I'll ask them pre-conception questions at that time.

    The biggest thing that could throw a wrench in our plans is if something happens with my job and I decide I don't want to be there for at least a few years (there are big changes happening as our company was recently acquired) and my husband and I would have to pretty much re-do everything we already did this year, career-wise and settling-in wise. Ugh. I hope not.
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    Hubby and I were about to have some fun tonight when I casually mentioned that next month at around this time we could stop using condoms, and he totally freaked out because he hadn't realized we were getting so close to our TTC date! He is excited but also doesn't like change, so I expect there will be many more freakouts. How about you other first-timers? How does your partner feel about TTC soon?
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    We have been TTC for 3 years with suspected PCOS. We will continue TTC in January. I have an appointment this month on the 27th to hopefully get diagnosed. I would be shocked if it's not PCOS because I have pretty classic symptoms. Our main issue is that I do not ovulate. I am hoping to be put on metformin and/or clomid. Next year I will also be focusing on losing 100 pounds to help with TTC and just to be healthier. I'm currently 5'9 and about 240lbs After 3 years of trying, I'm really hoping with a diagnosis and the right medication that next year will be my year. I am getting so depressed and feeling hopeless. I can't put into words how badly I want a baby. It's gotten to where I'm having breakdowns every couple of days. It's hard.

    ETA: My FI is excited about having a baby. He wants one just as bad as I do. We talk about names alot and he says how if we have a girl it'll be his little princess. Usually it just feels like daydreaming though at this point since it's been 3 years now with no baby.
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