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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    I haven't checked in for awhile, and I see I missed a lot! Congrats, Moonkai, and all the other BFPs! What a month! Hope you are all still feeling well so far.

    I *think* I am finally in my fertile window, or at least so say the OPKs. Expecting a temp rise tomorrow to confirm it. So lots of DSX this week! Perfect timing though, as my hubby normally travels for work, and he's actually in town this week. I had a doctor appointment today, and she wants to try me on Clomid if this cycle doesn't pan out due to my history of ridiculously long cycles. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed we'll catch an egg this cycle
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    Me too, @itsaluckystar! Huge congrats to all of you BFPs!
    I am starting to get cautiously excited…. AF is due today or tomorrow and so far I have absolutely none of the usual PMS feelings. Plus five days ago I had a day of very light bleeding. Hoping that it was implantation bleeding and that I might be on my way to my own BFP soon. So hard to resist the urge to run out and test but I am trying my best to hold off till Sunday if AF still hasn't made an appearance by then.
    Too nervous/superstitious to tell anyone else (haven't even told DH my suspicions/hopes yet) so I could use your crossed fingers!

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    Ooh!! Fingers crossed for you, whitecloud!!
    Leo is here! Born 11/4/15.

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    Forget the two week wait, this two day wait is pure hell!
    Still no sign of AF. Trying not to see every single thing I feel as a pregnancy sign (actually found myself googling "Are dry lips a sign of early pregnancy?"… Hmm no Whitecloud, more likely a consequence of cycling to work in the cold wind!) and also trying (not very successfully) not to get too excited.
    I might break and test tomorrow. DH works Saturdays so I was going to wait till Sunday morning when we could be happy/disappointed together but I just don't know if I can wait...

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    Even though I am not TTC just yet, AF is due in a few days. So yep, I'm feeling the hormones.
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