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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    Just wanted to jump in and wish everyone a very happy new year! I hope we see lots and lots of good news on this thread, starting soon. :-)

    Just to keep you up to speed if you missed my earlier post, my name is Maggie. My husband and I have been TTC since July. I have PCOS and really long cycles, so even though I'm 3 weeks into this cycle, I probably won't ovulate until next week. I hope to keep better track of this thread now that 2014 has officially started. :-)
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    Thanks for the reassurance! I'm not terribly worried about the morning sickness just yet. My mom has always had a very "jumpy" stomach and gets nauseated easily, and I have never had that problem. Plus, several of my friends have worked through bad morning sickness in the past. It seems like a small price to pay for a baby, particularly if it can be helped with medication!

    I hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve! DH and I went out to a bar party with some friends, which is a little out of character for us...we just knew (or hoped!) that going out drinking wouldn't be an option for us next year, so we had a "last hurrah." Things we learned- our bodies are much slower to recover from these things than they were in college :/
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    It's 2014! That means this thread is now the official TTC thread. Woohoo! Good luck all. I wish you lots of fun in bed (or wherever).
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    Happy New Year, everyone!

    I am at CD 13, so the DSX has begun as of yesterday. I think hubs is really on board now, so that makes me happy, even though I know he'll probably still freak out occasionally. My plan for this month is to have DSX the 2nd through the 10th to account for my 29 day cycle last month and my usual 33ish day cycle.

    We'll see how we hold up to that sort of marathon! I have him on a zinc-enhanced multivitamin, and I'm also going to try Maca root. I also still need to pick up some Preseed. Natural fluids plus saliva are working for now but I might be singing a different tune by day 8 or 9.

    My schedule at work is all over he place right now, so if I want to get quality sleep I can't take my BBT the same time every day, but it should calm down by next cycle so I'm going to make an effort to start then.

    Other than that, I'm eating healthy, going on walks, and trying to keep my stress levels low with hot baths, music, yoga, and video games (I love the Sims 3 - the new expansion I just got includes the ability to build and manage resorts, so I've been having fun with that)

    How is everyone else doing?
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    Hey ladies! Happy New Year!

    I tested. There were two lines!!!! I used an internet cheapie test because I did not think it would be positive. I took another one with FRER.... Super dark line. I took a digital. It said yes. So, I think I'm pregnant!

    It's so surreal to see those two lines!!
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