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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    We've decided to wait until February or March 2014 to ttc. That way, there will be at least a year and a half between our precious little Franco and his sibling. We want them close enough to be able to spend time together in their interests if they want to. When I think of how our list started out and all the changes that we made it astounds me! Our taste in names have even evolved since we began searching and learning on Nameberry. I'm very excited to get an early start on my boy and girl lists to find the perfect name for Franco's little sibling!
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    Hi! My husband and I have been trying for a few years. There has been some heartbreak and it is taking so long, but I think we are finally on the road to figuring things out... I have had a HSG again and my doctor scheduled a pelvic ultrasound in December. I'm guessing there is a blockage or something... My gynecologist has suggested IVF so that may be something we do in 2014. Hopefully we will have our baby by the end of the year!

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    I realized that I didn't fully answer the question. To prepare for another baby I need to wean my daughter and four to six months later have a mammogram done for a baseline since I have a family history of breast cancer. I'm really not looking forward to weaning her so when I finally do might come into play with how long we wait to ttc.
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    ~*~*~* I'm SO happy someone started a 2014 thread! I have an internal dilemma about this!! :-/

    I have an appt in early Dec with a new doc (hated my previous one, can't wait to switch!). After talking to her, I plan on going off my birth control pills sometime after the first of the year. It will be our first, and we are so excited to start ttc!
    Life of course though, can interfere. I am graduating from nursing school in 5 weeks (YAY!) and will probably be starting a new rn job in early January. The only thing stressing me out is starting a new job and ttc. I would love to start ttc asap, but I don't want to get hired and start a new job, then announce a few months later I'm pregnant. I don't want to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth....But I also don't want a new job to get in the way of the truly important things in life! So it is stressing me out trying to decide what should take top priority come January; baby making or a new job....Ugh.

    Has anyone out there started a new job while being pregnant or ttc? Any thoughts or advice?

    But that being said, we will be ttc at some point in 2014, just a matter of when!!!
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    @asche926 Yes. I am currently on the ttc 2013 thread, DH and I started last month I am currently in the middle of my 2nd cycle ttc. Hopefully I won't have to join ttc 2014, but I understand and won't be too disappointed if I have to start the year trying.

    That being said, I am 4 weeks away from finishing my Master's degree and will be starting a completely new career soon after (hopefully, fingers crossed). I understand your trepidation with starting a new career and ttc but ultimately you have to decide what is most important but also how you will afford and provide for the child. I also think it depends on your age and current desires. If you are 20-25 you have plenty of time and don't need to worry about ttc too quickly, and should enjoy young adulthood. If you are around 30 or older and don't want to wait too long to ttc it's different.

    I too worried about waiting longer to ttc but starting a family is much too important to me at this stage in my life. Especially since I know that DH and I are in a good place financially that when baby comes along we will be in a good place and happy. Do what feels best but also works for you logically.
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