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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    We haven't set a starting point yet, but are thinking about summer or fall of 2014. There are just so many concerns-- do we have enough money in savings? Will we be able to buy a house? Etc... Still, I'm excited/terrified about it! Can you tell I'm a worrier? I have my yearly exam next week, so I'm going to talk to the doc about it then. I've also been making an effort to improve my diet/fitness so my body will be as ready as possible!

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    We are planning to start TTC in April 2014! Right now I am getting extremely impatient because the ONLY reason we are waiting is so I don't have to be super prego during the summer! I can't stand the heat as it is, and I am pretty miserable during July/August at my current size, so I can't imagine harboring a little furnace inside me!
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    I was on the other ttc thread but sort of drifted off towards the end of the year. I have been ttc since March of 2012 and it has been long and emotionally painful journey. Which is what why I ended up taking a break from the other thread. Plus, I had nothing new to be adding my story was the same month after month.
    I plan on getting really involved again with the ttc journey come Jan 2014. We are currently saving up for an IUI sometime in the springish time frame. Until then, we are praying hard a natural conception, and looking into the idea of adoption. I still may be a lil absent until January just to give myself time to breath and work through my own emotions, but I look forward to getting to know you all very soon!!!!
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    Hopefully will be able to start trying sometime in Spring 2014. Am getting everything checked out and cycle regulated. I'm 41 with PCOS.
    Working on losing some more weight to remove that added risk factor. Am probably going medicated IUI. Just need to get everything working correctly.
    Quit smoking in early 2013 and am now starting Metformin for the PCOS. Having an ultrasound on Monday for ovary/uterine health check, since PCOS has been untreated.
    I've got a late start, but the lightbulb finally turned on when I thought about it as "What will I regret not doing over anything else?" and that answer was a resounding "being someone's mom"

    Good luck to all. Looking forward to lots of happy, healthy pregnancies in our future. :-)
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    Our plan is to start ttc our third when my daughter turns two in June. I'm really excited but trying to wait patiently and enjoy having just two kids right now. This will probably be our last child.
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