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Thread: Ttc 2014

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    Ttc 2014

    I've taken it upon myself to be in charge of updating the first post of the thread to include everyone's TTC date! I know some people have been trying for awhile and some are just starting, but all are welcome for support and discussion.

    TTC 2014 list:

    butterflykisses: (from TTC 2013)
    bettydogooder: (from TTC 2013)
    dindlee: (from TTC 2013) - BFP!!! Congrats
    katieree331: (from TTC 2013) - BFP!!! Congrats
    maggiefromcanada: (from TTC 2013)
    violetink1231: (from TTC 2013)
    kataklyzm21: (from TTC 2013)
    alexandraeleni: (TTC 2013)
    tucker0203: (TTC 2013)
    pomegranatepie: (TTC 2013)
    shilo: (TTC 2013)

    moonkai: January - BFP!!! Congrats
    lduff2011: January
    itsaluckystar: January
    rowangreeneyes: January
    droma: January
    jessio: January - BFP!!! Congrats
    shadowspirit07: January
    luciaw: January
    zephy: January
    ashlie1214: January - BFP!!! Congrats
    devonnw85: January - BFP!!! Congrats
    julylacs: January - BFP!!! Congrats
    jdouglas: January - BFP!!! Congrats
    pistachio: January
    whitecloud: January - BFP!!! Congrats
    tararyaz: January
    dottipanda: January
    anotherjessicaann: January - BFP!!! Congrats!
    diamondgreen: January - BFP!!! Congrats!
    zaelia: January -BFP!!! Congrats!
    corinnejeanette: February
    littlemrsb: February - BFP!!! Congrats!
    phloxie: February - BFP!!! Congrats!
    beth101: February
    jodipenny: February - BFP!!! Congrats!
    stellastarr: February
    florie33: March
    rowanasabe: March
    xmintiex: March
    asche926: March
    mrs_darling: April
    singlemom3: April
    luckylocket13: April
    luciad: April/May
    witchling: May - BFP!!! Congrats!
    emmabobemma: May
    jackal: May
    piperlynne: Spring
    feberin: June - BFP!!! Congrats
    nlane835: June
    mill1020: June/July
    lcd1912: July - BFP!!! Congrats
    sweetpeacelove: July
    anaxandra: July
    mulme944: July - BFP!!! Congrats
    mrswebb13: July
    lacysue - July - BFP!!! Congrats
    penguinkin: July
    iamiamiam: August
    lilea: August
    lacysue: August/September - BFP!!! Congrats
    scarletsway: September
    lavenderbelle - September
    sunkissedchild - September
    jessiemayjagger - September
    dantea: October/November
    vofarrell26: November

    Unknown Start Time:
    niteowl13: (January?)
    sarosch6: (early in the year)
    laugh-dream-love: (Mayish)
    september: summer
    jessblonde: (early fall)
    redwoodfey: (late in the year)
    anotherkate: (late in the year)
    hailey: (end of the year)
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    I'm hoping to be in here, though it will be late 2014 for us. We meant to start this year, put it off for 2015, and it looks like we'll be set for fall 2014. We want to get a house, but aren't finding anything we love. We're also getting some trips out of the way. Hawaii in January, the Yukon in July. Maybe marriage, depending on the whole insurance thing. SO has some pretty good insurance and I have none. Lots to do, but it's all manageable. And if we don't find a house, well, babies don't need much room at first I guess.
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    My DH and I will be starting next summer. The plan right now is to start in July, but we shall see. I'm pretty excited to start too I could start now, but I'm still in grad school until May. I won't start a full time job with medical insurance until late summer.

    To prepare, I plan to talk to my OBGYN at my annual check-up in a few months. I will ask her what sorts of things I should do to prepare and if there is anything I can do to increase our chances. And I'll also start taking some vitamins a few months before. I could probably start taking vitamins now though.

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    My hubby and I are starting our first FET (frozen embryo transfer) in January but will start the whole process in December this year. We just went to our IVF doctor for an info visit this past thursday and we were told that both our embryos are frozen in the same tube so we will be transferring them both and now have a 50-60% chance for twins with this next cycle. My hubby about passed out but I am secretly hoping they both take!!!! I would love to have three children and always have wanted that many my whole life so it would be a true blessing as this will most likely be our last attempt at IVF as we are out of embryos and can't afford another fresh cycle. I just had my son in Feb. that was from the fresh embryo transfer and we put two embryos in that time and got one baby but we only had a 30% chance of twins then so I am ultra excited!!! Hope all goes well and according to plan!!

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    Lduff - Yay! I hope you get twins - that would be so lovely!

    redwoodfey- true! babies don't need much space at all. we are still living in our small apartment for now,so I definitely feel you on wanting to buy a house, but I am hoping that will sort itself out if I can get a better job after I graduate in August and **hopefully** have our first shortly after.)
    Anyone else anxiously awaiting TTC right now?

    I got poked an prodded at the doctor today - she ordered a ton of tests for me to make sure I am healthy. He main advice was to start taking prenatal vitamins about a month before I go off birth control and once I go off birth control to take the same precautions as if I actually were pregnant (so if I go to the dentist and they want to do x-rays, say "I could be pregnant", etc...), avoiding sushi and beer (so I am making my enjoyment of those two things count!!!!), etc.

    So, I am just waiting to make sure everything checks out, and then I'll be able to make an appointment to get my IUD out in December. What a nice holiday gift!

    Is anybody planning on getting genetic testing done?
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Considerations for our next child's name: Cytheria, Caspian, Seraphina, Cyrus, Arcadia, Venture
    Middles: Beatrix, Dwyn, Jupiter, Violet, Zephyr, River, Willow

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