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    Your 1st trip to the Movies

    So I was gonna take my LO when she was 2 months old because I figured she would sleep through the whole movie. My turn off was being afraid of sudden theatrical loud bangs to dramatise the movie & waking or worse upsetting her. Now that shes a little older & will stay awake I feel like postponing even longer -esp because im trying to avoid tv..

    How was your first trip, how old were they & did you wait to go to a movie they would enjoy our one for yourself to get out of the house?

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    Have you checked to see if there are any "mom and baby" movie showings where you are? They're pretty common where I am--they're movies shown at a reduced price geared toward moms with babies/young children, with the thought that the babies might wake up/cry but the moms aren't required to leave. They can just walk up and down the aisles with bub (the theatre is left a bit brighter than usual so you can see). Everyone either has a baby who might start crying or is aware that it's a mom and baby showing, so no one gets frustrated. Not sure if it's something you'd be interested in, but if you're into movies it might be worthwhile checking out rather than waiting for her to get older. =)

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    I second the pp's suggestions of looking for a mums 'n bubs session at your local cinemas. They are also pretty common in my area as well. Its usually a mid morning session, 10.30am ish or similar. Since everyone is in the same boat its not such a big deal if your LO grizzles or needs to be walked up and down the aisle.

    Personally, I've never actually been to one, and now that Ronan's arrived I really doubt that I'd be taking a 7 weeker and a 2 year old to the cinema any time soon!

    I actually thought the thread was going to ask about the first movie you ever went to at the cinema when you yourself were young! For me, it was The Little Mermaid, I think I was about 4
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    We also have the baby movies....raised lights, reduced volume, breastfeeding encouraged.

    I wanted to go next week, but am also trying to avoid exposure to TV/movies for my daughter.

    I saw my first film in a theatre at age 3. I think once a child can sit through a movie at home and is comfortable in the dark, that's when you should bring them.
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    Hmmm I havent heard of them, I dont believe we have any near here but def worth the look.. thanks guys

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