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    LOOOVE the Greek names. I especially like Ottilie and Circe....our last name is St3v3ns - do you think that's too much alliteration?? lol.

    Elise is my sister in law's name so while I love it (we considered it as a middle name for Gia), I can't use it. Loving these suggestions - our list is growing!

    Oh, also like Ophelia.

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    I don't think Mila would get Mimi but I love Araceli for you.

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    I hate to say (or type) it but I do think that Circe St3v3ns has a lot of 's' sounds and it is hard to say fast. It is such a shame! Ophelia St3v3ns and Ottilie St3v3ns work so well in my opinion! Especially Ottilie. Please keep me updated as to what you choose!! X
    Name lists still under construction

    Holliday Astrid Mabel
    January Iris Aurelia
    Gretel Sunflower/ Ireland Kate
    Fauna Flannery Elizabeth
    Ingrid Lilou Josephine

    Bingham Fox

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