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    If you haven't already, I recommend checking out They have a lot of articles you can read about asexuality and a large forum community. Even if you don't feel comfortable posting on the forums, you can at least read about other peoples' experiences and see how they've dealt with the questions you're facing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flamingo View Post
    Can I recommend something completely different? Try talking to your doctor about doing a hormonal work up. It could be that you have a chemical imbalance right now which is causing you to be attracted to the idea of romantic involvement but not physical relationship.

    Along with this I'd recommend seeing a professional counselor / therapist who can help you work out your feelings, find your identity, and also help you increase your self-esteem, especially regarding your body.

    Good Luck! And I know, it stinks to feel so unsure of yourself.
    I completely second this! I have depression and anxiety, and sometimes I have zero interest in sex at all because of it. Other times the opposite, but the point is that each person is affected differently by this kind of thing. And if you're on certain medications that can definitely put a damper on those feelings as well.

    Even if it's not chemical/hormonal/medicinal causing you to feel this way, there's nothing wrong with you. Everybody feels differently about things like this. I second (third?) the recommendation of seeing a therapist or counselor, I've seen one for years and it's just a helpful place to air out your thoughts and get an unbiased opinion, it doesn't mean you're not normal or there's something wrong. If you can't afford one or are too embarrassed, maybe keeping a journal would help? Sorry to be so cliche and unhelpful, but that's all the advice I can give! Good luck!
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