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    I adore Verity. Just love it, sound and meaning.

    I also love Felicity, Amity, and Liberty.

    Less fond of Clarity, prefer Clare or Claire which feel more classic and tailored.

    I don't like Fable. I like other names with a similar sound: Opal, Hazel, Maple, Mabel, but not Fable. I don't like Fay either, which probably doesn't help.

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    I love Verity and enjoy Clarity. Verity's charming and splendid, and even more accessible because of the book Code Name Verity. Clarity's made better (in my eyes) because of the nickname Clare. Not a fan of Virtue or Fable; I feel like Virtue's too much to carry and Fable to me implies made-up, not real.
    Yesterday I met sisters named Clarity, Serenity, Generosity and Courage—I think Generosity goes a bit far, despite the nickname Genny, and Courage seems more masculine.

    Other virtue names I like include Constance, Mercy, Honor, Patience, Joy, Felicity, Blithe, Clemency, and Prudence. Even Harmony can be a virtue as well as musical. Honesty is a guilty-pleasure love, but not terribly wearable. Amity's growing on me.

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    I LOVE Fable! I think it's totally usable. Verity and Clarity too. I would love to meet a Fable, Verity, or Clarity. Out of the three I think Clarity is the most unusable, but I still think it's usable.
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    i personally think they're all very usable and divine, and i particularly adore fable. not as much of a fan of virtue as clarity and verity, just doesn't sound as pretty as those, but the meaning is just as lovely.

    but then, i obviously like virtue names. i have an 18-month old named Remember. ( :
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