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    I think Clarity is a modern virtue name. To me it's a modern name not puritan name. With the nickname Claire, I think it's usable.
    I also think Verity is usable. This one I do think is puritan chic. I think it's gorgeous. The one problem is that Clarity and Verity are too matchy for first names for sisters.
    I am not in love with Virtue as a first name. I have never heard it before and it seems out there.
    Fable is cute, but I would prefer it as a middle name.
    I also really love Remember. I love Constance, Temperance, and Prudence. Also Solace and Vesper.

    Good Luck!

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    Solstice is neat meaning standstill of the sun.. I feel like at the pace of trend were going baby names will be either sentences or noises a couple decades down the line.

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    I personally love those old fashioned puritan names. I especially like Verity and Clarity - two of my personal favorites as of late. And I really think they could work on a child in this day and age. Not too sure about Virtue - it certainly is interesting, though.
    Now, Fable - I've never heard that before. And it has oddly enough captured my attention. Maybe not the most realistic, but a really cool idea for a name.

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    Fable caught my attention but I feel like its fictionary background would deem the name negatively as being untruthful or playful as in imaginative. . What would you consider it's traits?

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    I adore Fable for either gender prefer boy a bit more yes its usable
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