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    Name These Babies; Generation 1, Round 2

    Family #1:

    Paisley Gweneth and Sean Bradley Coromay had Josiah just seven months ago, and Paisley is already pregnant again! They're expecting a girl this time. The first name should be another biblical name, due to Sean's family's strong religious views. Her middle name should be a flower.

    DS: Josiah Blaze [niiskuneiti]

    Family #2:

    Tatianna Leilani and Andrew Cameron Ellis are excited to give Ivory and Violet a little brother! They've decided to not torture their son with a color name, but his first name needs to be related to water, but it needs to be an obvious relation, not a meaning. His middle name needs to have a 'z' in it.

    DD: Ivory Tatianna
    DD: Violet Christina [mam2321]

    Family #3:

    Rhiannon Rose Fields, single-mommy of two, is expecting again. After an emotional night with her ex, boyfriend, she's pregnant. It's a girl! She's continuing with the R theme for the first name. And the middle name should be a season or month.

    DD & DS: Riley Isobel & Rowan Gabriel [tmnt1996]

    Family #4:

    Savannah Quinn and Austin Taylor Caniffay can be classified as baby-making machines. Here comes baby number seven. This will be their last child. First name needs to also start with a 'K', and the middle name should start with a 'G'.

    DS: Keelor Austin
    DD/DD: Kaicey Bristol & Keanna Cassidy
    DS: Kellan Daniel
    DS/DD: Kaiden Emerson & Kelsey Francesca [wanderlux]

    Family #5:

    Janelle Isobella Liateck and Ayanna Nicole Romero are so in love with Xander, they're adopting again. This time they're getting twins, boy/girl, from India. The first names should mean either water or fire, or one of each. The middle names should be one syllable.

    DS: Alexander Dmitri "Xander" [mam2321]

    Family #6:

    Rachael Annaliese & Lucas Edgar Moreno are ready to take on more children. And as it turns out, they've been blessed with twins. Both boys should have unisex first names, paired with middle names that end in '-ey'.

    DS: Dakota Lucas
    DD: Jordan Belle [jessicajanex17]

    Family #7:

    Courtney Vanessa West and Kyler Jonathan Hull were getting divorced, but little Zoey saved their marriage. They've renued their vows, and it turns out, their children are doubling in size. Here comes triplets. After much discussion, they want the the first names to have double letters in them (Ex: Aaron or Anna) Middle names should be names of mythical gods and goddesses.

    DS: Kyler Jonathan Hull Jr.
    DD: Cadence Lillianna Hull
    DD: Zoey Brienna [bailibsum]

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