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    Narrowed to two names...Need your help please :)

    Okay, after months and months of searching we have narrowed the name list down to two and can't decide. What do you think?

    1. Noa Grace

    2. Hayden Audrey

    Your input is greatly appreciated!

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    Noa Grace is really pretty and has the best flow, IMO. And if there are boy Noah's in her classes later, she can always go by her her full name, Noa Grace, instead of just Noa. Hayden Audrey is a little clunkier in comparison. Maybe because of the 2+2 syllables. Hope this helps!

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    Noa Grace.

    Not a fan of Hayden.

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    I love both names! Noa Grace wins by a hair!
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    Noa Grace definitely

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