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    I love Edith, and I've loved it for a while. I fell in love with it visiting the Biltmore Estate a few years ago, so most of the imagery I associate with Edith is elegant and refined. I really don't understand where the frumpy feeling comes from. To me Edith is very light and airy with a silent, dignified strength to it. Edith has a strong quality that most popular, "liquid" names lack. Edith is a soft shade of lavender, ornate Victorian glass, mahogany, the smell of a flower garden in full bloom, and the first snowfall of the winter season. I think an Edith would be intelligent, kind, and quiet. It's hard for me to imagine an extroverted Edith, although I'm sure it could happen.

    I think it's strange that names like Eloise and Hazel - which in all honesty feel far more frumpy to me than Edith - are readily embraced whereas Edith still makes us hesitate. I think an Edith would fit right in with Charlotte and Lillian.
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