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    What do you think of Edith?

    My husband loves Edith for our first baby girl with the nickname of Edie. I like it too, but I'm not 100% sold.

    Some of my favorites are: Vivian, Saffron, Hazel, Maxine, and Iris

    I do like Edie, but the full name is a bit stodgy to me. What do you think?

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    Love, love Edith! and nickname Edie is so cute!
    Vivian is very pretty, and not too common.
    Saffron, I dont really like it, but it has a certain charm about it.
    Hazel is a very sweet and beautiful name that will age well with the kid
    Maxine, knew a dog by that name, but I do see the appeal though.
    Iris is the same as Hazel Good luck!

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    I like your name choices!

    Edith has such a lovely flow off the tongue and Edie is too cute. We had a great neighbor with this name growing up.
    Vivian is so sweet and Hazel sounds so soft and kind.

    Those are my favorites from your list

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    Lovelovelove Edith, and Edie is just the icing on the cake. I LOVE Hazel, and like Iris, as well, but there's just something about Edith I adore. I think Hazel Edith or Edith Hazel would be adorable, actually. A bit too much vintage for me, but I'd be happy to meet one!

    Recently I've really come to LOVE the combo Anne-Claire Edith, which I think is just adorable and the right blend of normal and vintage. I don't know if it's to your taste or not, but I figured I'd mention it. I actually really like the option of Edith as a middle. It seems like you're not convinced, but your husband loves it. Something like Hazel Edith might be a lovely compromise.
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    Edith has been a long time favorite of mine. I think has elegance, and a bit of quirkiness. It's not like other classics- Georgiana, Alice, Elisabeth- in that it's awkward in a beautiful way. Edie is an adorable nickname. I like it with Hazel, Vivian, Maxine, and Iris.

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