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    Little girl's name

    Hi guys!

    I have a short story where a mother is the narrator, however her name is never mentioned (you could name her for me if you like). The daughter on the other hand has been mentioned by name, but I'm coming up blank on a cute name for her. She has poker straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and is quite a chatty little four year old. She is based on a little girl I knew, but I can't remember her name, lol! You can mix and match or change it all completely. Thanks in advance! Also, the middle name doesn't matter at all, I just wanted to play around with them.


    1. Emmeline "Emmi" Fay
    2. Zoe Adair
    3. Phoebe Blair
    4. Aria Grace
    5. Libby Claire
    6. Freya Nicole
    7. Violet (no middle yet)
    8. Alice (no MN)
    9. Charlotte "Lottie" Belle
    10. Caitlin Noelle

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    Catherine May nn Kit, KitCat or Kitty
    Josephine nn JoJo or Nene
    Laurel nn Lolly
    Blythe nn Bebe

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    i think...Imogen

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    Molly! Or Grace. But more Molly.
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