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    Middle names for Abigail and Emmeline

    We are expecting twins and will find out their sexes next month!

    If they are girls, we have settled on Abigail and Emmeline, but are still debating middle names.

    We were originally going with Abigail Grace and either Emmeline Jane or Emmeline Claire.

    But now, we are considering honoring our mothers. Their names are Susan and Kathy. We don't think that those names would flow well, so we're considering variations.

    To honor Kathy, we would use Katherine. For Susan, we would use Sue or Susanna.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I vote Kate and Sue or Zana, Katherine and Susanna are too long IMO

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    Nice names! Voting for Abigail Katherine and Emmeline Susanna/Suzanna.

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    How about Abigail Kate and Emmeline Sue? Short forms of both mothers' names.. Adorable!

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    Although I like the name Kate and know it's an extremely common NN for Katherine, it's getting too far away from Kathy for me. I feel bad that we wouldn't use their actual names, so I'd like to stay as close to them as possible
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