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    Middle name for Juna

    We have decided on Juna for our 3rd little girl and we are now searching for middles before our November due date. A few that we have thought of are:

    Juna Elise
    Juna Florence (after my grandma, not sure how well it goes though)
    Juna Clare

    Our last name is 2 syllable and ends in the ee sound. We are looking for suggestions, any help would be much appreciated!

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    I like Juna Clare best, but prefer the spelling "Claire." Florence is a great name, but I don't think it flows as well with Juna.

    Juniper Florence sounds nice, though.

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    I agree with kand3kiddos that Juniper Florence is really nice.
    If you really just want Juna, what about Juna Wren? Wren as a nickname/name derived from FloRence.
    Juna I don't really like the sound of but I love June and Juniper. Even Juni for a nickname is cute.
    Here's what looks and sounds best to me:
    Juniper Claire
    Juniper Florence
    Juniper Wren
    Juno or Juneau is also nice but maybe getting popular, but Juneau Florence sounds really pretty.
    Also, Junia sounds better to me as well, nn Juna?
    Junia Claire
    or Junia Florence or Junia Wren.

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    It's hard because two of your middles are two syllables like Juna, and I just can't get behind Claire.

    Juna Annaliese
    Juna Eleanor

    And Juna Florence is 100% great if it has meaning to you.
    *Magnolia Anouk /Evangeline/Evelina Charlotte Rue/Junia Evangeline/Viviana Wildflower/ Georgiana Soleil/Sylvie Wilhelmina Moon/ Guinivere Ione Moon*

    *Alive, Amoret, Cordelia, Olive, Beatrix, Eugenie, Marigold, Luna, Snow, Matilda, Fleur, Florence*

    *Augusten Wolf/ Magnus Jude/August Jasper/Jude/Cyrus Jude/Lev*

    *Osias, Caius, Finlo, Westley,Ivo, Grey, Thatcher, Ignatius, Hawthorne, Benedict, Atlas, Asher, Hugo,Caspian, August *

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    How funny, we had Juna in mind for our daughter with the middle name Elise! Juna Elise is lovely, imho, so that definitely gets my vote. We went with Juniper in the end but kept Elise.

    Just curious, what are your other kids' names?
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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