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    Pandora and Lucifer are two of my guiltiest pleasures--- I could never, ever, use them because they have such negative connotations.
    Caspian ~ Genevieve ~ Benjamin ~ Claire ~ Sebastian

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    I love Godiva, Lucrezia, Lucrece, Lolita (though it's too sexual thanks to Nabakov), Boudicca, Sappho....

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    Lucifer - I thought this was a lovely name with a beautiful original meaning. I would use this in a heartbeat if the connotation to it weren't so bad. So I chose Seraphina instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dovah View Post
    In my experience, kids do not make fun of names because they are uncommon. They tease other kids, not their names. If someone wants to bully your son, I think they're just as likely to do it if he is named Christopher or Caspian. Making fun of the name is just one way that all bullies tease other people.
    I agree with this completely. A girl is not going to get teased because her name is Artemis. Yes, other kids could potentially call her "Arty Farty," but that's because they think they're clever for discovering a nickname that rhymes with fart, not because they're criticizing the name Artemis itself.

    I actually can't think of any names that I wouldn't use on my children because of potential teasing. Though my style does lean more towards classic names than unusual names, so maybe that's why.

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    dovah - i agree with you. i think it's misleading when kids pick on a name. they pick on everyone for everything. if the kid HAPPENS to have a name that rhymes with e.g. fart, then they will use the name. but they certainly don't walk around like little adults thinking "i'm gonna make fun of this kid because he doesn't have a normal name like James or Thomas or Matt!". if it's not the first name that rhymes with fart, it'll be the last name. or if the name doesn't rhyme with anything, it'll be the way that kid looks or talks.. or whatever else they can come up with.

    rkrd - Lucretia is on my list too!

    i also feel like worrying too much about negative reactions and adjusting your own naming decision because of it can send a dangerous sign. people are awful to each other, there is no way to prevent that. every kid needs to learn that people sometimes are assholes and that they need to stand up for themselves - and that starts with their parents. so if parents step down because of THEIR fear of bullying, how are they gonna teach their kid how to handle bullying? how many Thomases are walking around out there who really should have been Sages, Lakes, Larkins or whatever, and get made fun of anyway?

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