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    Smile Uncommon names and fear of bullying.

    i've been following a number of discussions on this forum lately and wanted to post this to see what people thought of it.

    i get the impression that many discussions around "uncommon" names don't center around the names themselves so much, and are oftentimes much more about the parents' fears of how others will react to the name. will the child be teased in school? is name xyz too soft to give to a boy (and will he be bullied by his peers as a result of it)? etc.

    if you could name your child anything you wanted without having to fear bullying, teasing, or any kind of negative reactions from family, friends, or "the society" - what would you name it?
    what are the names you've kept on your list even though you might be hesitant to use them for a person, and what are your reasons for not using them?

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    Honestly? Hades. I think it's a pretty cute name, but it has a huge stigma
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    There was a good discussion about this a couple months ago:

    My favorite GP name for a girl is Hypatia because she is a great namesake. But I think it would be even more difficult to deal with than my own name (which is saying something)...for a boy it is Darrow Paine, although I would likely use it if DH would agree
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    Lucifer- no explanation necessary on why I wouldn't use it. I love the sound and meaning though. Saving it for a pet that has a mischievous personality.
    Cohen- I would never use it. The whys have been discussed to death on here so I won't get into it. Too much room for offending people. I like the sound though. I like boys names that end in N. Luckily, there are lots of them out there that I like more than Cohen.

    Isabeau- I've heard a lot of feedback that girls with this name get called is-a-boy or is-a-ho. It hasn't convinced me not to use it yet, it's on our list, but I'm taking that feedback into consideration.
    Artemis- again, I've had some feedback that Artemis gets called Arty farty. I still love it, but we'll decide how much of a concern that would be when there's a baby in front of us.
    Jezebel- love the exotic feel of it, but too many people I've known use Jezebel as an insulting word. "She's such a jezebel!"

    Lots that I'm not thinking about, probably. Then again, I have lots on my list that most people would never use. Pandora is one of our very favorite, we will more than likely have a Pandora someday, and people say not to use it because of the whole Pandora's box thing and her releasing evil on the world. Doesn't bother us. If Eve is acceptable, so is Pandora. We love Pandora. Damian is my boyfriends' top boy pick, which some people say is a terrible name because of the movie, demons, yada yada. I'm not too bothered by it, and he's not at all bothered by it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamamiam View Post
    There was a good discussion about this a couple months ago:
    thanks for that! i'm pretty new to this forum, so i haven't seen this discussion.

    i find it really hard to define "uncommon". being from Europe and having lived in different parts of the US, i feel like much of the discussion of uncommon names is relative or even local. some names might be totally common in California, but sound "strange" in Texas.. just as an example.

    i also wonder what would happen to our (sadly, understandable) fear of negative reactions if more parents went with the names they really loved regardless of reactions. there'd be more variety.. couldn't this encourage more openness?

    having said that, names i have on my list that i love but wouldn't consider for my child probably fall into the category of "too complicated spelling", "great name but with a somewhat bad meaning" (like Hades, maybe?) or "unclear how to pronounce."
    some examples - Tristan, Osiris, Orpheus - all great names, but somewhat bad meanings. how awesome would it be to name your son Styx? well, it's a river in the Greek underworld.
    i'd also stay away from Welsh names like Sulien or Saoirse, although i love the way they look, i'd need instructions on how to pronounce them, and that probably applies to many others, too.

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