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    How about:
    Acacia (bonus: this is a tree that grows in the Congo)

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    Vanda--listed as Congolese name meaning 'falling lightly like rain'

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    Elm is super cute! Lake is beautiful too. Can I just say I love Wren and Sage together!

    Some more ideas:
    Wren, Sage and Dove
    Wren, Sage and Fern
    Wren, Sage and Delta
    Wren, Sage and Ember
    Wren, Sage and Lark
    Wren, Sage and Breeze
    Wren, Sage and Fawn
    Wren, Sage and March
    Wren, Sage and Ocean
    Wren, Sage and Ever
    Wren, Sage and Hope
    Wren, Sage and Tate
    Wren, Sage and Eden
    Wren, Sage and Greer
    Wren, Sage and Blair
    Wren, Sage and Tess
    Wren, Sage and Scout
    Wren, Sage and Harlow
    Wren, Sage and True
    Wren, Sage and Teal
    Wren, Sage and Pepper
    Wren, Sage and Cloud
    Wren, Sage and East
    Wren, Sage and Light
    Wren, Sage and Aster
    Wren, Sage and Cypress
    Wren, Sage and Luz
    Clara Liberty, Esther Juliet, Harlow Paloma, Jenna Rosamund, Laurel Cassandra, Margo Juniper, Nora Meredith, Rowan Athena, Sadie Genevieve, Tessa Bethany

    Albert Frederick, Asher Jeremy, Bennett Samuel, Deacon Timothy, Edmund Nicholas, Theodore Holden, Nathaniel Grayson, Hugo Dominic, Judah Finnegan, Lucas Christopher

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    I think, since you've already gone with short nature names for your previous two girls, you should try to stick to that - not because I think sibling names have to match, but because you should run with it if you've already got a theme going. Your baby girl from the Congo may already feel a little different from her big sisters, no reason to give her a name that makes her stick out even more.

    I'm not a fan of Rose with Wren and Sage, but not because it's too feminine (I don't really see Wren or Sage as boy names) but because it's too common. I love Rose as a name, but it just sounds ho-hum next to Wren and Sage. I think this extends a bit to Iris, Violet, and Hazel - they are kind of popular right now, too. I also don't like Faye - just a personal preference, but you also lose the nature-feeling.

    I really don't like Elm as a name. It feels a little short and unfinished for some reason. Also, depending on your accent, it's a bit weird to say. It leans more towards the masculine, as well, like Spruce or Birch or Oak, unlike Wren or Sage, which I feel are definitely more feminine.

    I really love Lake and River! Also, you have a bird name and a plant name, so a water name fits right in. Here are some more options, favorites starred:

    Wren, Sage, and Henna*
    Wren, Sage, and Topaz*
    Wren, Sage, and Opal
    Wren, Sage, and Briar*
    Wren, Sage, and Bay*
    Wren, Sage, and Fern
    Wren, Sage, and Fawn
    Wren, Sage, and Rain
    Wren, Sage, and Clover*
    Wren, Sage, and Dune*
    Wren, Sage, and Snow
    Wren, Sage, and Lark
    Wren, Sage, and Star

    For what it's worth, I'm really in love with the idea of Lake. I think it's perfect for you and your family.

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    I love the idea of Elm, but honestly I think it sounds a bit silly for a person. I don't know why... it's one of those names that I really like at first, but on a second thought, I would really really dislike it as my own name.

    I like the suggestions of Willow and Acacia (my only issue with that is that is the fact Acacia trees grow in C.Africa... to me it just feels like it turns her into an exotic object, it's very superficial with no real depth of origin)

    Bay would be my top choice. It's so beautiful, and is nature-y/unisex/one syllable just like you're other daughters.

    A few that haven't been suggested yet...

    Rosemary Una ''Romy''
    Fenella Briar ''Nell''
    Maud Evangeline
    Sibyl Constance
    Edith Aveline
    Iseult Matilda
    Agnes Eilidh
    Alba Madeline

    (Eilidh = ay-lee. Iseult = ee-soolt)

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore Jack ''Sid''
    Emmett Kielder
    Hugh Raphael
    Alec Oberon
    Wilfred Fox
    Rufus Colm
    Jeremy Aidan ''Jem''
    Nicholas Hwyl ''Cas''
    (Colm = col-um. Hwyl = hwill)

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